Kish Island Airport (KIH)

FAA Code Time Zone Asia/Tehran
Phone Fax
Latitude 26.483333 Longitude 53.9500
Web Site Email
Current Date and Time 13:55 18-Feb-2019
Open Hours Monday through Sunday, all day Elevation 100 Feets

Kish Island Airport Facts

The Kish international airport is located at eh Kish Island in Iran. The airport infact serves as an entry point for thousands of tourists who visit the place to explore its natural and innate beauty through its extraordinary beaches and the warm weather. The airport infact grants 14 day tourist visa to foreign citizens who wish to visit the Kish Island and for those who visit the country under a foreign scheme other than that of the mainland Iran. Many countries also serve the KishIsland, based in Iran for its oil and gas industry. Before the revolution in Iran, the country had an order for two Concorde aircraft to be used on routes such as Kish-Paris and Kish-London routes, and enhances the market of luxury tourism, but it is still pending though. Arrival and departure Since the island attracts tourists towards it every year, it is also provided with a strong flight base and many international and national carriers land on its runway to flourish its tourism industry. Air France once considered Kish as its predominant destination to serve from Paris and to haul a sub-fleet to serve the oil industry in Iran through Airbus A319. The common carriers that flew across the Kish international airport are the Aria Air serves Tehran, mehrabad and the Bandar Abbas airport, Eram air connecting Tehran and mehrabad, Iran Aseman Airlines connecting with Shiraz, Caspian airlines connecting Tehran with Mehrabad again and Iranian air covering Ahwaz, Isfahan, Siri and Mehrabad.

Kish Island Airport Destinations

Destination IATA Flight
Mashad Airport MHD Flights from Kish Island to Mashhad
Tehran Airport THR Flights from Kish Island to Tehran