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Founded in the year 1991, Estonian Air has been a member of the International Air Transport Association since a year after its foundation. The company has its headquarters in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. With the key mission to bridge the gap between Estonia and the other parts of the world, the company offers safe and reliable airline services connecting major destinations. Estonian Air is majorly owned by the Republic of Estonia with a total of 97.34%. The other 2.66 % of the company is owned by SAS Group. The company offers passenger transports with scheduled international flights or charter flights and freight transportation.

Estonian Air offers flight operations with ten aircrafts; four Embraer 170, three CRJ900 NextGen and three SAAB 340. The Embraer 170 aircraft offering 76 seats with advanced engineering design. It is characterized by safe operation with reduced fuel consumption and pilot workload. The CRJ900 NextGen aircraft offers 88 seats and is known to be one of the largest planes among the CRJ fleet. They fly at a speed of 882 km/h and are extremely cost effective and environment friendly. The interiors of this aircraft are innovatively designed, with large windows and improved lighting. The SAAB 340 aircrafts offer 33 seats and are operated for flying to neighboring cities of Estonia. The seats are quite comfortable and wide with upholstery made of leather.

Estonian Air operates its flight services to around 14 destinations. These are Kievin Ukraine, Stockholmin Sweden, Moscow and Saint Petersburg in Russia, Oslo and Trondheim in Norway, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Vilnius in Lithuania, Paris and Nice in France, Copenhagen in Denmark, Brussels in Belgium, Vienna in Austria and Tallinn in Estonia which is also the hub. Thus, Estonian Air connects Estonia with the rest of the world with consumer satisfaction by providing friendly services.

About the airline

AS Estonian Air is Estonia"s national carrier, owned by the Estonian state. The airline is based in Tallinn, Estonia. It is a regional airline feeding into the Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) network via Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen from Estonia. AS Estonian Air has two subsidiaries and two joint ventures: Estonian Air Jet Leasing Ltd, Estonian Aviation Fuelling Services AS, AS Amadeus Eesti. Estonian Air is owned by the Estonian government (90%) and SAS Group (10%).

Main route

Estonian Air offers direct flights from the Estonian capital, Tallinn to throughout Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona (summer only), Brussels, Copenhagen, Hannover (from 02.04.12), Helsinki (from 24.03.12), Jyväskylä (from 25.04.12), Kiev, Kuressaare, London, Milan (summer only), Moscow, Nice (summer only), Oslo, Paris, Riga (from 24.03.12), St Petersburg, Stockholm, Trondheim, Vilnius, Vienna (from 25.03.12) and Tartu.


The airline’s current fleet consists of 1 Boeing 737-300, 3 Bombardier CRJ900 and 2 Saab SF340A.

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