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Lacsa was established on 17 October 1945 by Pan American World Airways, the Costa Rican government and Costa Rican private interests. It started operations on 1 June 1946 and was designated the national carrier in 1949. Its domestic network was transferred to wholly owned subsidiary Sansa in September 1959. Since 1999, the five airlines in the alliance began flying under the TACA logo, with a new corporate identity represented by five stylized golden macaws flying in tight formation. In 2008 a new TACA brand logo was introduced followed by a new fleet of Embraer 190 airplanes registered in Costa Rica for strategic reasons and operated under the Lacsa code.


About the airline

Lacsa is the national airline of Costa Rica and is based in San José. All international services are now operated by Grupo TACA. Out of the five airlines that made up the original TACA alliance, Lacsa is the only airline of the group that still operates international flights with its own IATA code (LR) and flight numbers. As a subsidiary of Grupo TACA, the airline is also known as TACA/LACSA. The airline is owned by individual shareholders (86.98%), Grupo TACA (10%) and ASA Lacsa, the employees saving association (3.02%).

Main route

The airline operates international scheduled services to over 35 destinations in Central, North and South America, including these following international scheduled destinations: Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Guatemala City, Guayaquil, Havana, Lima, Los Angeles, Managua, Medellin, Mexico City, Miami, New York, Panama City, Quito, Santo Domingo, San Salvador, San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa and Toronto.


Lacsa"s fleet consists of the following aircrafts: 4 Airbus A319-100, 9 Airbus A320-200, 2 Airbus A321-200 and 6 Embraer 190.

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