Flight distance from San Diego to Jerusalem

12292 kilometers/7638 miles
or 6637 nautical miles.
Your flight will depart from San Diego airport and land at Jerusalem airport.
City: San Diego (SAN) Jerusalem ()
Latitude: 32.790158 31.779018386012
Longitude: -117.124682 35.2253007888794
Country: United States Israel
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles Asia/Gaza
Current time:: 01:19 09-Dec-2023 01:19 09-Dec-2023

How far is between San Diego and Jerusalem?

  • Your starting point San Diego, United States is located at 32.790158,-117.124682
  • Your ending point Jerusalem, Israel is located at 31.779018386012,35.2253007888794
  • l distance from San Diego to Jerusalem is 12292 kms equals to miles and 6637 nautical miles.
Disclaimers: there may be NO flights or direct flights San Diego to Jerusalem, so in that case, the information should be just considered as "distance-only" calculation San Diego to Jerusalem.