Flight distance from Houston to Managua

2170 kilometers/1348 miles
or 1171 nautical miles.
Your flight will depart from Houston airport and land at Managua airport.
City: Houston (HOU) Managua (MGA)
Latitude: 29.76328 12.141111
Longitude: -95.36327 -86.168611
Country: United States Nicaragua
Timezone: America/Chicago America/Managua
Current time:: 01:45 15-Apr-2024 01:45 15-Apr-2024

How far is between Houston and Managua?

  • Your starting point Houston, United States is located at 29.76328,-95.36327
  • Your ending point Managua, Nicaragua is located at 12.141111,-86.168611
  • l distance from Houston to Managua is 2170 kms equals to miles and 1171 nautical miles.
  • Flight time from Houston to Managua is 15 hours 11 minutes
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