Flight distance from Brussels to Palma

6276 kilometers / miles
or 3389 nautical miles.

Your flight will depart from Brussels airport and land at Palma airport.

How far is between Brussels and Palma?

Your starting point Brussels, Belgium is located at 50.850174,4.364319

Your ending point Palma, Spain is located at 2.6501603000000387,39.5696005

Total distance from Brussels to Palma is 6276 kms equals to miles and 3389 nautical miles.

Flight time from Brussels to Palma is 4 hours 25 minutes

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Brussels (BRU) Palma (PMI)
Latitude: 50.850174 Latitude: 2.6501603000000387
Longitude: 4.364319 Longitude: 39.5696005
Country: Belgium Country: Spain
Timezone: Europe/Brussels Timezone: Europe/Madrid
Current time: 20:32 08-May-2021 Current time: 20:32 08-May-2021