Tianjin Airport (TSN)

FAA Code Time Zone Asia/Shanghai
(GMT +08:00)
Phone +86 (0)22 24902030 Fax
Latitude 39° 7' 8'' N
Longitude 117° 20' 48'' E
Web Site Email jinggl@cahs.com.cs
Current Time 04:32:12 Current date Sunday 18-03
Open Hours Monday through Sunday, all day Elevation 8 Feets (~ 2.44 meters)
City Tianjin Country China
Address Zhang Guizhuang, Dong Li District, Tianjin 300300, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA Post Code

Tianjin Airport Destinations List

Destination IATA Airlines Flying Route Book Flights
Baotou Airport BAV Shandong Airlines, Okay Airways, Air China, Tianjin Airlines Baotou to Tianjin
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport CAN China Southern Airlines, Okay Airways, Air China, Hainan Airlines Guangzhou to Tianjin
Zhengzhou Airport CGO Okay Airways, Xiamen Airlines, Hebei Airlines, Air China, Tianjin Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Shandong Airlines Zhengzhou to Tianjin
Changchun Airport CGQ Chengdu Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines Changchun to Tianjin
Chifeng Airport CIF , Tianjin Airlines Chifeng to Tianjin
Changzhi Airport CIH China Airlines, Hainan Airlines Changzhi to Tianjin
Cheongju Airport CJJ China Southern Airlines Cheongju to Tianjin
Jeju Airport CJU Tianjin Airlines, Okay Airways Jeju to Tianjin
Chongqing Airport CKG Sichuan Airlines, China West Air, Tianjin Airlines, Okay Airways, Air China, Xiamen Airlines, China Southern Airlines Chongqing to Tianjin
Changsha Airport CSX , Okay Airways, Air China, Tianjin Airlines, China Southern Airlines Changsha to Tianjin
Chengdu Airport CTU Okay Airways, Air China, Tianjin Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Chengdu Airlines Chengdu to Tianjin
Datong Airport DAT Tianjin Airlines Datong to Tianjin
Dalian Airport DLC Okay Airways, Lucky Air, Tianjin Airlines, Air China, All Nippon, China Southern Airlines, Huaxia Airlines, , China Postal Airlines Dalian to Tianjin
Dongsheng Airport DSN Tianjin Airlines Dongsheng to Tianjin
Dayong Airport DYG Okay Airways Dayong to Tianjin
Fuzhou Airport FOC Fuzhou to Tianjin
Shizuoka Airport FSZ Tianjin Airlines Shizuoka to Tianjin
Fuyang Airport FUG Tianjin Airlines Fuyang to Tianjin
Haikou Airport HAK Tianjin Airlines Haikou to Tianjin
Hohhot Airport HET Air China, Okay Airways, China Southern Airlines, , Shandong Airlines, Tianjin Airlines Hohhot to Tianjin
Hefei Airport HFE China Eastern Airlines, Okay Airways Hefei to Tianjin
Hangzhou Airport HGH Okay Airways, Air China, Yangtze River Express, , Sichuan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines Hangzhou to Tianjin
Hong Kong International Airport HKG Air China, Hong Kong Airlines, Dragonair, Tianjin Airlines Hong Kong to Tianjin
Hailar Airport HLD Tianjin Airlines Hailar to Tianjin
Harbin Airport HRB China Southern Airlines, , Sichuan Airlines, Beijing Capital Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Okay Airways Harbin to Tianjin
Hualien Airport HUN TransAsia Airways Hualien to Tianjin
Incheon International Airport ICN Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Air China Seoul to Tianjin
Irkutsk Airport IKT Tianjin Airlines Irkutsk to Tianjin
Jinjiang Airport JJN Okay Airways Jinjiang to Tianjin
Jining Airport JNG Tianjin Airlines Jining to Tianjin
Kaohsiung Airport KHH Kaohsiung to Tianjin
Nanchang Airport KHN Tianjin Airlines, Beijing Capital Airlines Nanchang to Tianjin
Osaka Kansai International Airport KIX Spring Airlines Osaka to Tianjin
Kunming Changshui International Airport KMG , Shanghai Airlines, Kunming Airlines, Spring Airlines, Air China Kunming to Tianjin
Kuala Lumpur International Airport KUL AirAsia X Kuala Lumpur to Tianjin
Guilin Airport KWL Okay Airways, Tianjin Airlines Guilin to Tianjin
Yichun Shi Airport LDS China Southern Airlines Yichun to Tianjin
Lanzhou Airport LHW Hainan Airlines, Sichuan Airlines Lanzhou to Tianjin
Macau International Airport MFM Air Macau Macau to Tianjin
Mian Yang Airport MIG Tibet Airlines Mian Yang to Tianjin
Gwangju Muan International Airport MWX Tianjin Airlines Gwangju to Tianjin
Changbaishan Airport NBS Baishan to Tianjin
Ningbo Lishe International Airport NGB Tianjin Airlines Ningbo to Tianjin
Nagoya Chubu Centrair Airport NGO Japan Airlines, Nagoya to Tianjin
Nanjing Lukou International Airport NKG China Postal Airlines Nanjing to Tianjin
Nantong Airport NTG Shenzhen Airlines Nantong to Tianjin
Phnom Penh Airport PNH Tianjin Airlines Phnom Penh to Tianjin
Shanghai Pudong International Airport PVG Shanghai Airlines, Juneyao, , Air China, Hainan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines Shanghai to Tianjin
Siem Reap Airport REP Tianjin Airlines Siem Reap to Tianjin
Shanghai Hongqiao Airport SHA Air China Cargo , Tianjin Airlines, , Spring Airlines, Air China, Juneyao, Hainan Airlines, Shanghai Airlines Shanghai to Tianjin
Shenyang Airport SHE Okay Airways, Tianjin Airlines, China Southern Airlines Shenyang to Tianjin
Singapore Changi Airport SIN ATA Airlines Singapore to Tianjin
Shijiazhuang Airport SJW Tianjin Airlines Shijiazhuang to Tianjin
Sanya Airport SYX Beijing Capital Airlines, Okay Airways, Tianjin Airlines Sanya to Tianjin
Shenzhen Airport SZX , Spring Airlines, Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, Okay Airways, Hainan Airlines Shenzhen to Tianjin
Qingdao Airport TAO Air China, Shandong Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Yangtze River Express Qingdao to Tianjin
Tongliao Airport TGO Tianjin Airlines Tongliao to Tianjin
Taoyuan International Airport TPE TransAsia Airways, Air China, Taipei to Tianjin
Taipei Songshan Airport TSA Air China, TransAsia Airways Taipei to Tianjin
Haikou Airport TSN Air China Haikou to Tianjin
Tunxi Airport TXN Tianjin Airlines Tunxi to Tianjin
Taiyuan Airport TYN Tianjin Airlines Taiyuan to Tianjin
Tokyo Airport TYO Nippon Airways Tokyo to Tianjin
Urumqi Airport URC China Southern Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Air China Urumqi to Tianjin
Udon Thani Airport UTH City Airways Udon Thani to Tianjin
Yulin Airport UYN Okay Airways Yulin to Tianjin
Wuhan Airport WUH China Southern Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Wuhan to Tianjin
Xiangfan Airport XFN Hainan Airlines Xiangfan to Tianjin
Xi'an Xianyang International Airport XIY Tianjin Airlines, , Air China, Beijing Capital Airlines, Okay Airways Xi an to Tianjin
Xiamen Airport XMN , Air China, Okay Airways Xiamen to Tianjin
Xining Airport XNN Okay Airways Xining to Tianjin
Yun Cheng Airport YCU Air China Yun Cheng to Tianjin
Yanji Airport YNJ Air China Yanji to Tianjin
Yantai Airport YNT Okay Airways, Tianjin Airlines, Shandong Airlines Yantai to Tianjin
Zhuhai Airport ZUH Okay Airways, Air China Zhuhai to Tianjin
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