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VivaColombia is a Colombian low-cost airline based in Medellín, Colombia. VivaColombia is the first true low cost carrier in Colombia.

At first Viva Colombia had two options for operation of aircraft: the Boeing 737 or Airbus A320. In a press conference on November 10, 2011, was announced to the public that in 2012, the aircraft chosen will be the A320 fitted with CFM engines high performance for the airline's better economy and improved consumer prices. They plan to serve 32 routes within Colombia. The company is owned in equal parts by Irelandia, I.A.M.S.A., Colombian Grupo Bolívar and Grupo FAST. It will have a similar livery to a Mexican low-cost carrier, VivaAerobus, except VivaColombia will have the yellow, blue, and red colored dots on the tail.

VivaColombia also plans to launch international flights in its first 12 months of operations to destinations in Central, South America and the southern US.


We currently have a fleet of 9 A320 aircraft with the registration numbers: HK4818, HK4817, HK4811, HK4861, HK4905, HK5051, HK5125, HK5142 and HK-5164. Our latest-generation aircraft can accommodate 180 passengers.

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