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TACV was established in 1958. In July 1975, following the independence of Cape Verde, the airline was designated as the national carrier and became a public company (that means government-owned) in 1983. It employs 788 staff. The Cape Verdean government is currently preparing the airline for privatization. The privatization of TACV is supposed to be concluded in 2014. Among the foreign airlines that are interested in acquiring the national airline are the Chinese and Angolan airlines.

European flights began in 1985, with Lisbon as first European destination of TACV. In 1996 TACV got its first Boeing 757-200, brand new and directly from the Boeing factory, in Seattle, considered as “the pride and joy of Cape Verde Airlines", baptized with the name B.Leza. With B.Leza (regristration D4-CBG), TACV begins flying to Europe with its own aircraft and crew.

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