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Solomon Airlines is the national airline of the Solomon Islands, based in Honiara.

Solomon Airlines was established in 1962 as a charter airline named Megapode Airlines by Laurie Crowley. After Macair of Papua New Guinea decided to buy off Megapode in 1968, they decided to change the airline"s name to Solomon Islands Airways, although most of the public knew the airline by the acronym of SOLAIR. Under Macair, SOLAIR became the smallest international airline in the world, serving the island of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, with a total of two Doves and two Beech Barons.

In 1975, Macair and SOLAIR were bought off by Talair. In 1984 the Government decided it wanted to buy all of the airline"s shares. In 1987, the sale of the airline and its assets Pacific Car Rental and tour company Hunts of the Pacific, were completed. A joint venture with Qantas followed, and then Solomon Airlines entered the jet age. In 1999, after civil war broke out in the Solomons, United Nations imposed sanctions severely damaged the airline's international routes, and at one point, the airline was allowed to have only one such route, the one they decided to keep flying being the flight to Brisbane. Nowadays, Solomon Airlines has apparently battled off the consequences of the Civil War, and it still flies, mainly nearby their area of the Pacific Ocean.

Main route

The airline operates services to the following domestic destinations: Auki - Auki Gwaunaru"u Airport, Avu Avu, Bellona Island - Bellona/Anua Airport, Choiseul Bay - Choiseul Bay Airport, Fera Island - Fera Airport, Gizo - Nusatupe Airport, Honiara - Honiara International Airport, Kaghau - Kaghau Airport, Kirakira - Kirakira Airport, Marau - Marau Airport, Mbambanakira - Mbambanakira Airport, Mono - Mono Airport, Munda - Munda Airport, Ngatokae - Gatokae Aerodrome, Ontong Java - Ontong Java Airport, Parasi - Parasi Airport, Ramata - Ramata Airport, Rennell - Rennell/Tingoa Airport, Santa Ana - Santa Ana Airport, Santa Cruz Islands - Santa Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova Airport, Seghe - Seghe Airport, Suavanao - Suavanao Airport and Yandina - Yandina Airport.


Solomon Airlines fleet includes: 1 Britten-Norman Islander, 2 De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300, 1 De Havilland Canada DHC-8-102 (operated by Airlines PNG) and 1 Airbus A320-200

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