Japan Transocean Air (NU) Flight schedules


The airline was established on 20 June 1967 as Southwest Air Lines and started operations in July 1967. It changed its name in July 1993. It flew Convair 240s until new capital from JAL allowed it to upgrade to NAMC YS-11s, and eventually Boeing 737s. JTA occasionally lends aircraft to JAL in the event of equipment failure. JTA also provides maintenance services for JAL Group Boeing 737-400 aircraft.

About the airline

Japan Transocean Air Co., Ltd. or JTA, is an airline based in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. It operates domestic services. Its main base is Naha Airport. From 1967 until 1993, the airline was known as Southwest Air Lines. JTA owns 69.8% of Ryukyu Air Commuter. The company is owned by Japan Airlines (51.1%), Naha Airport Terminal (17%), Okinawa Prefecture (12.9%) and others (19.1%).

Main route

The airline has flight network to all 4 big islands of Japan, including Honshu (Chubu region, Chugoku region, Kansai region and Kanto region), Kyushu (Fukuoka Prefecture), Ryukyu (Okinawa Prefecture) and Shikoku (Ehime Prefecture and Kochi Prefecture).


Japan Transocean Air fleet consists of 9 Boeing 737-400 aircraft, all aircrafts are in full-economy class configuration and the capacity is 150.

Japan Transocean Air Contact Information

Call Sign
Phone +81 98 857 2112 Fax +81 98 857 9396
Web Site www.jal.co.jp/jta Email tsukasa.hokama@i-love-jta.co.jp
Hub City Head Office 3-24 Yamashita-Cho, Naha-shi, Okinawa, 900 0027, Japan

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