Japan Air System (JAS) Flight schedules

Japan Air System was the smallest of the big three Japanese airlines. In contrast to JAL and ANA, its international route network was very small, but its domestic network incorporated many smaller airports that were not served by the two larger airlines. As an independent company, it was last headquartered in the JAS M1 Building at Tokyo International Airport in ?ta, Tokyo. It has since merged with Japan Airlines.

JAS was famous for its variety of aircraft liveries; Amy Chavez of The Japan Times described the rainbow liveries as "abstract." Many of its color schemes in the 1990s were designed by film director Akira Kurosawa.

The airline's slogan was "Good Speed Always".

Japan Air System Contact Information

Call Sign Air System
Phone +81 3- 5405-2781 Fax +81 3-5405-2788
Web Site http://www.jas.com Email christian.wolf@jas.com
Hub City Tokyo Head Office 5F, Ryoshin Onarimon Building, 6-17-15 Shinbashi, Minato-ku Japan

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