Ibex Airlines (FW) Flight schedules

Ibex Airlines is an airline headquartered in Koto, Tokyo, Japan. It operates domestic services from Tokyo. Its main base is Sendai Airport, Natori, Miyagi.The airline was established on 29 January 1999 and started operations on 7 August 2000 between Sendai and Osaka under the name of Fairinc. It reached a co-operation agreement with All Nippon Airways under which it is provided assistance in flight operations, flightcrew provision, maintenance and engineering services etc. In October 2004 the Sendai based airline changed its name to Ibex Airlines. The airline began service to Tokyo-Narita Airport in June 2009.

Ibex Airlines Contact Information

Call Sign
Phone +81 3 6741 6688 Fax +81 3 5653 5652
Web Site www.ibexair.co.jp Email goiken@ibexair.co.jp
Hub City Tokyo Head Office 1-2-3 Shinsuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 136-8640, Japan

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Ibex Airlines Status

  • FW54 Departed
  • FW13 Scheduled
  • FW83 Scheduled
  • FW21 Scheduled
  • FW56 No Recent Info - Call Airline
  • FW86 No Recent Info - Call Airline
  • FW17 Scheduled
  • FW60 No Recent Info - Call Airline
  • FW15 No Recent Info - Call Airline
  • FW23 Scheduled
  • FW33 Scheduled
  • FW31 Scheduled
  • FW57 Scheduled
  • FW26 Scheduled
  • FW65 No Recent Info - Call Airline
  • FW41 No Recent Info - Call Airline