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The Eurofly airline company was one of Italy’s most renowned airline services providing company. The company was a privately owned company listed in the MTA stock exchange; it was one of the airline company’s famous for its leisure and carriage services provided to its esteemed passengers. Operating in the leisure flights markets Eurofly has been providing, mainly rent a special aircraft services in and out of Italy.

The company came into being as one of the preferred carriers for Italians who wanted a destination specific flight which could take them on short or medium distance flights. Most of these medium destinations were spots in Greece and Spain and even some Italians preferred to fly to the islands of the Cyprus and further for their holidays.

The fact that the company was privately owned meant that it did not have the financial muscles that were required to basically compete with the larger airlines of today which were backed by powerful consortiums and corporations.

This was the main reason that the airline merged with the Meridiana to basically forms a much more stable Meridian Airways.

Medium haul activity is centered mainly on operations to Egypt and the Red Sea Riviera, Spain and Greece. Long haul include some of Italians’ preferred tropical destinations like the Maldives and Sri Lanka or Africa. Furthermore, during the summer season, Eurofly operates non-stop scheduled flights to New York City, exploiting the reverse seasonality of if compared to tropical destinations and focusing on incoming traffic to Italy.

Eurofly Contact Information

Call Sign
Phone +39 0789 52 650 Fax +39 028 268 80 10
Web Site Email
Hub City Milano Head Office Eurofly S.p.a. Via Ettore Bugatti, 15 20142 Milano

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