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Estafeta is a renowned and famous airline company which has the most elaborate service portfolio required to speed up the process of delivery. The delivery process includes shipping of goods in between your company to your customers, clients, business partners, suppliers and more. Delivery to your branch, agents or distributors are also carried out by the company

It is one of those companies which are flexible and work according to the customers needs and requirements. The delivery times, shipment volumes, destination and more are all taken care of in a most convenient way so as to give their customer full satisfaction. Their expertise in technology to felicitate the planning, control of shipments and dispatch of the products until the confirmation of the delivery cannot be compared to any other similar companies. You can easily improve your storage and manage your inventory, improve the quality of distribution and shipment delivery along with effective return management with Estafeta. Increase the reach of your company with easy export and import solution for the company.

This will help you to reign the local as well as international markets. You can rely on the company to convert the logistics of your business to a competitive advantage.


From Estafeta you get

  • Experience - you get the best experience from the company as they are dealing with their business for more that 30 years. They have the expertise and knowledge so you can be assured your goods are in the right hand.
  • Coverage - they cover more than 230 countries around the world. They have the most impressive coverage area.
  • Technology - their portal is faster and technologically advanced providing you accurate tracking systems and shipping administrations.
  • Quality - they strive to provide their customers the best quality service imaginable. They have a monitoring system to monitor their performance level and to improve them constantly.
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