Eritrean Airlines (B8) Flight schedules

Eritrean Airlines is a brand staged by the Gateway of Africa. The airlines are borne by the Government of Eritrea and are clinically headquartered at Asmara and Eritrea since the inception into the Flying industry. The airlines were brought into being in early 1991 though the legit commencement of operations came into being sometime in 2003 in the month of April. The airlines have their base at the Asmara International Airport. The airline service has duly discontinued a plethora of scheduled flights 2008 onwards, though the airline takes up the pilgrimage drive and thus plies a few flights bound to Hajj every year. The airline also operated at Assab and Massawa solely in the namesake since 1991, until the operations were duly revamped and restarted post-2011.

April 2003 marked the phenomenal leasing out of a Boeing 767-300ER and this aircraft was the first of their sorts to be possessed by Eritrean Airlines. It was dubbed the “Queen Bee”! The airlines started regular flights to Frankfurt, Nairobi, Rome, or Milan in April 2003 or Amsterdam in the year of 2004 and it only expanded to Dubai and the beautiful Djibouti in 2005. Soon after seasonal and sessional services were ensured to Barnako post 2008, tensions began to rise, culminating in untimely cancellations of the myriad flights destined to Frankfurt during the summer of 2009. However the connection only augmented and came into being on April 19, 2012 when the proprieties flights began to be scheduled to the land of Frankfurt.

Consistent flights, jettisoning repugnance and echoing dishevelment owing to the distance in relationships with the UK or the USA became commonplace only in 2012. On April onwards in the same year, 4 fleets viz. 2 promising Airbus A320-200, an Airbus A319-100 added to the possessed Boeing, thus adding feathers to the caps of the Eritrean authorities. The historic fleets comprising McDonnell Doughlas-MD80 or the enigmatic Boeing 757-200 didn’t add up to the new founded arsenal of fleets.

Eritrean Airlines Contact Information

Call Sign
Phone +291 112 5500 Fax +291 112 5465
Web Site Email
Hub City Head Office Eritrean Airlines P.O. Box 222 2nd Floor S.A. Building Warsai Street Asmara Eritrea

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