Eos Airlines (E0) Flight schedules

Founded in 2004 Mr. David Spurlock, Eos Airlines started its operations from the city of New York. Like many airlines before it, it was named something else at the time of launch and later on changed to a much more marketable name. The airline was originally known as Atlantic Express. Mr. Spurlock was one of the Director of Strategy for British Airways for quite some time and hence brought his experience in the commercial airline business to the fore. It initially launched services between New York and London Stansted Airport, which is located just off the central London airport. The flights from JFK to London were made at an average four to two per day and this made sure that the airline sought its claim to fame as being the fourth most frequently scheduled airlines on the New York to London route.

However slowly but surely, the Eos Airlines quickly grew from the stage of just being a one route wonder and started to negotiate routes, still emanating from the JFK to Paris and other European cities. The company also had plans to open a route from Stansted to Washington DC but the company ran into financial troubles not long after. The company battled bankruptcy valiantly for the next few years, putting on work at developing routes from London to Boston and from London to Los Angeles.

In 2008, when the company finally filed for bankruptcy, it was in advanced talks to fly from London to Dubai and to incorporate a Miami to South America route in its portfolio.

Eos Airlines Contact Information

Call Sign
Phone +1 914 251 0362 Fax +1 914 251 0633
Web Site www.eosairlines.com Email info@eosairlines.com
Hub City New York Head Office 2700 Westchester Ave, Purchase, New York Untied States

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