Empire Airlines (EM) Flight schedules

Founded in May 1977, Empire Airlines has quickly gained a reputation of always delivering on their promises. The company operates out of Hayden, Idaho and is generally an airline that provides top of the line service in charter and cargo. The company is well known to operate around 120 daily flights which are destined to more than 18 states in the US, whereas the company has also recently launched its operations in Canada. The Coeur d’Alene Airport can be called as the operative hub of the Empire Airlines whereas most of its operations are centred at the Spokane International Airport.

The company first established itself in 1977 as a charter company, based at Orofino. The company name has never always been Empire Airlines, in fact it started off under the banner of Clearwater Flying Service and it is due to this that it still runs the CFS tags for all its flights. The Clearwater Flying Service can be remembered to be not your average airlines. In fact, it provided much diverse services to people which included, but are not limited to, fire patrol, air pollution monitoring and even running as an air ambulance.

On the 1st of November in 1980, Empire Airlines actually stepped into the market of aircraft maintenance and sales after it purchased West Aire Inc. In the recent past, Empire Airlines has been consolidating its services in and out of the United States with only just recently the company confirming that it will be now be traversing on routes within the state of Hawaii on a couple of ATR 42 aircrafts. The company prides itself in its unique services offered as both a cargo plane operator whereas a charter service.

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