Elbrus Avia Airlines (NLK) Flight schedules

Elbrus Avia is planned for the travelers having an air ticket; its flight status alert is free of cost. Passengers are alerted 24 hours before leaving with up to the second flight status notifications if required. If a passenger gets in a flight alert status for together a returning and departing leg after that he will get a flight alert post for both flights twenty four hours before leaving. Alerts are robotically deleted at the time when the flight date has over. Flight alert status of Elbrus Avia offers you through flight status alert assisting you know accurately when to arrive at the airport devoid of wasting time.

Routed entertainment of Elbrus Aviasubmits to services offered on panel of Elbrus Avia planes for the duration of a flight. The services in a number of cases possibly will be free of cost and in further cases provided through Elbrus Avia. In flight amusement Elbrus Avia is integrated in order to promote worth of life on panel and at one fell swoop fulfills the requirements of the travelers for the period of Elbrus Avia flight as distant as possible.

Elbrus Avia gives in flight video shows on its N/A flights in the company of roughly N/A movies decoded into up to all languages of N/A accessible on N/A panel. N/A channels are presented to look at news, cultural information, bulletins as well as other programs. Equipped N/A radio programs and N/A latest CDs are provided on board of Elbrus Avia N/A flights, permitting the travelers to listen to the most recent songs, music tracks and reports. Elbrus Avia provides N/A various kinds of games on flights.

On flights duty of Elbrus Avia shopping without charge is N/A accessible. All-inclusive satellite communications are N/A presented for in-flight communications for travelers to receive as well as make calls while having a flight. The cost on panel Elbrus Avia for in-flight communications is just about N/A pounds per one minute. Internet is N/A presented to travelers on panel of Elbrus Avia for e-mail, VOID along with conferencing. Power ports on panel Elbrus Avia are N/A accessible.

No matter what the passenger’s likings are, Elbrus Avia flight entertainment on panel its different flights has a assortment of services in array that they convince everyone’s definite requirements.

Elbrus Avia Airlines Contact Information

Call Sign
Phone +7 8662 913 204 Fax +7 8662 914 516
Web Site www.elbrus-avia.ru Email sales@elbrus-avia.ru
Hub City Nalchik Head Office Airport, 195, Kabardinskaya St., Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkariya, 360012, Russia

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