Cairo Aviation flight schedule

Cairo Aviation is an airline based in Cairo, Egypt. It started operations in November 1998 and operates charter flights mainly to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Its main base is Cairo International Airport.

Cairo Aviation is a Charter company operating two Tu-204-120 passenger aircraft and two Tu-204-120C all-cargo aircraft on dry lease basis from Sirocco Aerospace International.

Beside domestic routes in Egypt, the company mainly operates on international routes to various destinations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Furthermore Cairo Aviation operates scheduled flights for the national carrier Egypt Air on many occasions.

Being a sister company to Sirocco Aerospace international, Cairo Aviation was a test vehicle for the Tu204-120 aircraft when it first entered service. Sirocco was testing many aspects of designed versus actual operating costs, dispatch reliability, noise and emissions levels and component wear and tear among many other things. Thrilled with the results, Sirocco began aggressive sales and marketing efforts for its aircraft.

Cairo Aviation Ceased operations from 2006
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