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Blue Air Transport Aerian is a low-cost airline based in Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania, operating mostly out of Aurel Vlaicu International Airport.

From Madrid to Paris, From London to Valencia, Blue Air Airlines provides affordable and exclusive travel packages in and around Europe. Blue Air, Romania's very first private airlines company has come to win international accolade for their fabulous fleet of Boeing 737s and fantabulous service. Blue Air Airlines' service extends beyond the terminals to pick up and drop call taxi cabs. Blue Air offers affordable travel packages ranging from the economy package to the famous luxury class. With over 22 exotic travel destinations in and around Europe and an amazing fleet of modern aircraft, Blue air offers exciting packages to choose from. Another great thing to rejoice is the food and beverage menu. It comprises everything you ever wished in a flight journey. From tradition menus to exotic food, we offer the best food service which includes specially served food for children, elders, and dietary food. For the exclusive business and luxury class, this airline have great features like the on-board wine tavern and mini-theater facility.

The economy class is famous for cost efficient travel tickets and generous service that always fits your budget. Our baggage regulations are better than any other flight service. Blue air also offers cargo facility through our big-size Boeing planes. Blue Air Airlines' safety standards under EU-OPS 1 are unchallengeable and completely reliable. Blue Air Airlines also has many safety awards under its belt and are fully compliant to SAFA (Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft) standards. The Airline crew includes well experienced pilots, technicians and hospitality staff. With over 1000 hours of flying time, the professional pilots are well experienced in flying Boeing 737s and our hospitality staffs are more than 10 years experienced. Blue Air Airlines also offers affordable seasonal tour packages and discounts. What more does one need? Blue Air makes travel - a journey beyond imagination.

Main route

At its founding, Blue Air also operated a domestic Bucharest-Timi?oara flight, though this was discontinued in March 2005 due to low demand and competition from TAROM as well as C?ile Ferate Române, the Romanian rail company. Blue Air began domestic flights to Cluj Napoca International Airport from Bucharest on 29 October 2006, operated with a Boeing 737. Its international destinations include: Bacau, Barcelona, Bologna, Brussels, Bucharest, Catania, Dublin, Larnaca, Lisbon, London (Luton), Madrid, Malaga, Milan (Bergamo), Naples, Nice, Paris (Beauvais), Rome, Sibiu, Stuttgart, Turin Cuneo, Valencia and Venice.


Currently, Blue Air fleet consists of the following aircrafts: 2 Boeing 737-300, 4 Boeing 737-400 and 1 Boeing 737-500.

Blue Air Contact Information

Call Sign
Phone +4 021 208 86 08 Fax +4 021 208 86 12
Web Site Email
Hub City Head Office S.C. Maxi Travel SPRL 17b Rue du Progres, 1210 Bruxelles

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