Aserca Airlines (R7) Flight schedules

Aserca Airlines is locally called as Aero Servicios Carabobo. This airline is actually based in Carabobo that is a famous area of Venezuela. This airline is operating domestically. However, it is also operating in following areas as a fixed flight operation airline company.

  • Caribbean
  • Some parts of Europe
  • Central America
  • United States of America

Arturo Michelena Intl. Airport in Valencia is the main hub for Aserca Airlines.  Simón B. Intl. Airport in Caracas is also a hub for this airline.

The Aserca Airlines was initiated in 1968. This airline started flight operations in year 1991 but initial flights were only for private tasks with small aircrafts.

In 1992, Aserca Airlines got access to domestic market with Douglas D-C-9 30 that was taken on lease. Later on the Bogotá, Miami and Lima via Aruba were also included in the routes where this airline was working. The Aserca Airlines also has big shares in Air Aruba. In 2008, this airline got the majority of shares in S.B.A Airlines of Venezuela that was formerly known as Santa Bárbara Airlines.

Destinations covered by Aserca Airlines

Most of the traveling destinations covered by Aserca Airlines are local and these are given below.

  • Simón B. Intl. Airport in Caracas
  • General J. A. A. International Airport, Barcelona
  • La C. Intl. Airport, Maracaibo
  • José T. M. Airport, Maturín
  • Jacinto L. Intl Airport, Barquisimeto
  • Santo D d Táchira Airport
  • Del C. S. M. International Airport, Porlamar
  • Manuel C P International Airport, Ciudad Guayana
  • Arturo M. Intl. Airport, Valencia
  • Queen B. Intl. Airport, Oranjestad


  • Total of 8 M Douglas D C 9 31    
  • Total of 8 M Douglas 8 M-D 82
  • Total of 2 M Douglas 2 M –D 83

Aserca Airlines Contact Information

Call Sign
Phone None Fax None
Web Site None Email None
Hub City Valencia, Carabobo Head Office None

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