Arkefly (OR) Flight schedules

ArkeFly is basically a Dutch licensed airline.  The headquarter of this Dutch airline is present Schiphol-Rijk.  For the flight operations this airline is using the grounds in Haarlemmermeer, Amsterdam Airport Netherlands.  The Dutch arm German Travel Corporation “TUI” is also assisting this airline for the flight operations. Main base of this airline is located in Schiphol Airport. Arkefly  has a name to carry out standard and licensed flights in most of the areas of Netherlands. Dutch tour company “Arke” is using the potential services of Arkefly for the tours inside and outside the country. ArkeFly  is operating tours in many countries including Europe, America and Asia. The main destinations covered by this airline are given below.

  • Mediterranean
  • Asia
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Africa
  • Caribbean
  • Canary Islands
  • Red Sea
  • United States

This is the list of areas where this airline provides services. ArkeFly has good relations with the Air Holland. Air Holland was started in 1981. After economic issues rights of Air Holland were bought by “Exel Aviation Group.” The same company started services again in March 2004 with a new name of HollandExel. Exel Aviation Group got the status of bankrupt in 2005. At this time, German group TUI picked the charge of this airline. They shifted the activities of airline once again by renaming it ArkeFly. Nowadays, the TUI Group is the only shareholder of this airline. The name of ArkeFly was derived from the “Arke” that is a tour operator or company. Arke is also a branch or subsidiary of TUI Group. September 2005 the ArkeFly started its first recognized flight operation after getting the maintenance and reconstruction. This flight operation was 100 % successful and appreciated by the passengers because of the affordable traveling costs offered by the airline.

Arkefly Contact Information

Call Sign
Phone +31 20 892 14 00 Fax +31 20 655 73 45
Web Site Email
Hub City Head Office PO Box 75607, 1118 ZR Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands

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