Arik Air (W3) Flight schedules

Arik Air is an airline that is operating in Nigeria as a domestic, local and international network of flights. It is at present the major airline company in Nigeria.  Arik Air is also operating in Sierra Leone as national carrier. It functions mostly from two points at following airports.

  • Murtala M. International airport in Lagos
  • Namdi Azikiwi International airport in Abuja

The head office of this airline is known as Arik Air Aviation Center. This center is present on the land of Murtala M. Intl. Airport in Ikeja that is a part of Lagos State. In year 2006, Nigeria Airways and its facilities were bought by the Arik Air in Lagos. It took almost three years for the liquidation process and after this period it started redevelopment. In the same year, 2 new aircrafts (Bombardier C R J 900) were delivered to this airline and all the routes were captured completely.  Other fleets they bought in 2006 are given below.

  • Two Boeing 737–300s formerly being used in American airline
  • Three Bombardier C R J 200 special aircrafts of sitting capacity of 50

Lagos and Abuja were the destinations were these fleets were used. Operations were started to Calabar in 2006. Benin City and Enugu flight services were started in 2007. Ojemai Investments is the sole owner of this airline. In 2007 the government of Nigeria started a new scheme to ensure maximum safety and facilities to the passengers. Arik Air was the first one to accept this scheme.  Arik Air took the trust and confidence of Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority for the registration again by accepting terms of re-capitalisation.  This scheme was completely applied by the Arik Air  just for the commercial reasons including the better facilities and services for the passengers.

Arik Air Contact Information

Call Sign
Phone +234 1 279 99 99 Fax +234 1 497 59 40
Web Site Email
Hub City Lagos State Head Office Arik Air Travel Shop 45 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi Nigeria

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