Ariana Afghan Airlines (FG) Flight schedules

Ariana Afghan Airlines that is also recognized as Ariana airline, is the biggest airline of Afghanistan. This airline provides services as the country's (Afghanistan) national transporter. In 1955, Ariana Afghan Airlines got its start that’s why it is the oldest Afghan airline. Kabul Intl. Airport is the main hub or base for this airline. From this airport Ariana Afghan Airlines operates locally. This airline also provides services for the development of international connections with following countries.

  • China
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Germany
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • India
  • Turkey
  • Iran

Headquarter of Ariana Afghan Airlines is in Kabul. This airline is completely owned by the government of Afghanistan. After the October 2006 this airline faced intense situations in European Union.

The Ariana Afghan Airlines was developed on 27 January in 1955. It was named as Aryana Airlines with the help of Indamer Co. Ltd. This company has the 49% interest in start but it ratio kept increasing. Rest of the shares was in account of government of Afghanistan. In start the Ariana Afghan Airlines started services in following countries.

  • Bahrain
  • India
  • Iran
  • Lebanon

Three Douglas D C 3s were included when this airline was started.  In year 1957, Pan American World Airways got the status of minor shareholder. It got the 49 % of shares those where in hands of Indamer. In the same year this airline started local air travel services. By the April 1960, Ariana Afghan Airlines has three D C 3s and only one D C 4. These airplanes were providing services in following routes respectively.

  • Kabul to Amritsar
  • Kabul to Delhi
  • Kabul to Jeddah
  • Kabul to Karachi
  • Kabul to Beijing
  • Various points and localities within Afghanistan.  

These were the most important points about the services of Ariana Afghan Airlines internationally and locally.

Ariana Afghan Airlines Contact Information

Call Sign
Phone +937 520 228 84 Fax +873 762 523 846
Web Site Email
Hub City Kabul Head Office Metrology Building Kabul Airport, PO Box 76, Kabul, Afghanistan

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