Arctic Circle Air (5F) Flight schedules

Arctic Circle Air is a famous and popular American airline. This airline is based in Fairbanks that is a well known area in Alaska, United States of America. The Arctic Circle Air has honor to operate a fixed scheduled traveler services. This airline is also known for the charter flights in more than 16 Alaskan communities and areas. This airline was established in 1973. In the same year it started operations in Alaska. Fairbanks International Airport is the main base for Arctic Circle Air.

Frontier Alaska acquired the rights of Arctic Circle Air in October 2009. Nowadays, the “Era Alaska operations” is going to control the working and operations of Arctic Circle Air. Era Alaska has got its new name. This name is given by the Era Aviation because of the close association to the Frontier Alaska.

Travel routes for the Arctic Circle Air

Arctic Circle Air is known to travel in various areas of Alaska. As mentioned above this airline is operating in more than 16 urban and remote areas of Alaska.

  • Allakaket from Allakaket Airport
  • Eagle from Eagle Airport
  • Fairbanks from Fairbanks Intl. Airport
  • Bettles from Bettles Airport
  • Chalkyitsik from Chalkyitsik Airport
  • Anaktuvuk Pass from Anaktuvuk P. Airport
  • Galena from Edward G. P. Sr. Airport
  • Hughes from Hughes Airport
  • Arctic Village from Arctic Village Airport
  • Fort Yukon from Fort Yukon Airport
  • Tanana from Ralph M. C. Memorial Airport
  • Huslia from Huslia Airport
  • Rampart from Rampart Airport
  • Kaltag from Kaltag Airport
  • Nulato from Nulato Airport
  • Venetie from Venetie Airport

Other information about Arctic Circle Air

  • IATA: 5F
  • Callsign: AIR ARCTIC
  • Founded: 1973
  • Destinations: 28
  • Headquarters: Fairbanks, Alaska, USA


  • Piper Super Cub
  • Bellanca Scout
  • Cessna 206
  • Cessna 185

Arctic Circle Air Contact Information

Call Sign
Phone +1 907 243 13 80 Fax +1 907 245 13 84
Web Site Email
Hub City Head Office 4111 Float Plane Drive, PO Box 190228, Ancorage, Alaska, 99519, USA

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