Netjets Airlines 1I/EJA Flight Status Tracker

Get complete Netjets Airlines flight status online at We provide accurate real time flight status like arrivals, departures as well as delay time of all Netjets Airlines flights.

Flight Origin Destination Departure Arrival Equip  
1I623 San Diego (CLD) Seattle (BFI) 09:06 09:48 Scheduled
1I292 Seattle (SEA) Seattle (BFI) 08:06 09:00 Scheduled
1I386 Seattle (BFI) Spokane (GEG) 15:21 15:51 E55P Scheduled
1I790 Miami (OPF) Miami (TMB) 07:24 08:30 CL35 Scheduled
1I661 Miami (OPF) Farmingdale (FRG) Scheduled
1I574 Phoenix (SCF) Denver (APA) 16:36 20:12 Scheduled
1I906 Denver (APA) New Orleans (MSY) 13:48 14:18 Scheduled
1I553 Denver (APA) Tame (TME) 12:27 14:45 G150 Scheduled
1I975 Bozeman (BZN) Denver (APA) 12:00 14:48 Scheduled
1I561 Denver (APA) Gunnison (GUC) 10:00 10:44 GLF5 Scheduled
1I784 Denver (APA) Tokyo (HND) 12:33 13:05 CL35 Scheduled
1I328 Denver (APA) Davenport (DVN) 00:00 48:00 Scheduled
1I762 Grand Junction (GJT) Denver (APA) 16:15 17:12 CL35 Scheduled
1I346 Denver (APA) Telluride (TEX) 14:30 15:06 Scheduled
1I364 Denver (APA) Aspen (ASE) Scheduled
1I922 Austin (AUS) Vail (EGE) 17:54 18:24 Scheduled
1I772 Jackson (JAC) Austin (AUS) 08:42 11:24 CL35 Scheduled
1I795 Houston (HOU) Chicago (MDW) 19:36 20:14 CL35 Scheduled
1I627 Chicago (MDW) Westchester County (HPN) 14:00 16:24 Scheduled
1I978 Chicago (MDW) Phoenix (SCF) 06:06 06:48 Scheduled
1I899 Wichita (ICT) Fort Worth (AFW) 10:00 10:30 H25B Scheduled
1I999 Las Vegas (LAS) San Jose (SJC) 18:06 18:36 Scheduled
1I378 Las Vegas (LAS) San Jose (SJC) 08:36 15:30 Scheduled
1I344 Tucson (TUS) Santa Monica (SMO) 10:51 11:39 E55P Diverted to LAX
1I310 Santa Monica (SMO) Carmel (MRY) 12:30 12:48 Scheduled

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