Atlas Air 5Y/GTI Flight Status Tracker

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Flight Origin Destination Departure Arrival Equip  
5Y510 Bogota (BOG) Miami (MIA) 05:33 06:37 Arrived
5Y76 Bogota (BOG) Miami (MIA) 05:00 08:40 B743 Arrived
5Y7189 Chicago (ORD) Tokyo (NRT) 04:10 06:03 B744 Scheduled
5Y516 Shanghai (PVG) Anchorage (ANC) 15:00 16:00 DHT Estimated departure 05:40
5Y1920 Los Angeles (LAX) San Francisco (SFO) 04:50 05:51 B762 Arrived
5Y505 Phoenix (PHX) San Diego (SAN) 06:50 07:48 Scheduled
5Y502 Isles of Scilly (ISC) Newquay (NQY) 09:25 09:55 DHT Scheduled
5Y588 Cincinnati (CVG) Boston (BOS) 05:20 07:10 Scheduled
5Y1820 San Francisco (SFO) Los Angeles (LAX) 22:00 23:23 B762 Departed
5Y2688 Miami (MIA) New York (JFK) 04:25 06:37 B744 Departed
5Y45 Miami (MIA) Campinas (VCP) 09:15 19:05 Departed
5Y105 Phoenix (PHX) Cincinnati (CVG) 21:26 02:23 B762 Estimated departure 20:49
5Y2007 Cincinnati (CVG) Harlingen (HRL) 21:00 20:48 B762 Estimated departure 19:40
5Y2040 Harlingen (HRL) Cincinnati (CVG) 03:40 04:13 B762 Scheduled
5Y405 San Francisco (SFO) Cincinnati (CVG) 19:34 02:43 Scheduled
5Y1342 Philadelphia (PHL) Miami (MIA) 03:03 05:26 B763 UnKnown
5Y46 Campinas (VCP) Santiago (SCL) 05:08 11:45 Scheduled
5Y805 Cincinnati (CVG) San Francisco (SFO) 05:12 06:48 Scheduled
5Y4512 Everett (PAE) Nagoya (NGO) 12:45 16:34 Scheduled
5Y33 Miami (MIA) Buenos Aires (EZE) 10:15 19:45 UnKnown
5Y2000 Hamilton (YHM) Cincinnati (CVG) 03:37 04:46 B762 Scheduled
5Y7110 Tokyo (NRT) Los Angeles (LAX) 10:30 03:36 B744 Departed
5Y583 Cincinnati (CVG) Miami (MIA) 05:15 08:22 B762 Estimated Arrival 07:48
5Y8715 Miami (MIA) Lima (LIM) 16:13 18:20 B763 Estimated departure 06:10
5Y3050 Sacramento (SCK) Cincinnati (CVG) 01:58 08:31 B763 Departed

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