Allegiant Air G4/AAY Flight Status Tracker

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Flight Origin Destination Departure Arrival Equip  
G4815 Durham (RDU) Clearwater (PIE) 16:27:00 18:19:00 M80 Departed
G41653 Lexington (LEX) Punta Gorda (PGD) 16:34:00 18:37:00 320 Departed
G41217 Knoxville (TYS) Miami (FLL) 18:15:00 20:15:00 M80 Departed
G41723 Indianapolis (IND) Miami (FLL) 12:02:00 14:38:00 M80 Departed
G4184 Phoenix (AZA) Eugene (EUG) 13:07:00 14:52:00 M80 Departed
G4193 Louisville (SDF) Phoenix (AZA) 13:19 16:23 M80 Departed
G4201 Clearwater (PIE) Phoenix (AZA) 19:41 21:43 M80 Departed
G4661 Belleville (BLV) Orlando (SFB) 08:56:00 12:02:00 M80 Departed
G4919 New Orleans (MSY) Clearwater (PIE) 08:50 11:23 M80 Departed
G41303 Clearwater (PIE) Cincinnati (CVG) 15:58:00 18:07:00 M80 Departed
G4841 Kingsport (TRI) Clearwater (PIE) 21:22:00 23:06:00 M80 Departed
G4162 Phoenix (AZA) Grand Forks (GFK) 07:15:00 11:14:00 M80 Departed
G4100 Phoenix (AZA) Cedar Rapids (CID) 06:40:00 10:28:00 M80 Departed
G4449 Louisville (SDF) Las Vegas (LAS) 20:33 22:04 M80 Departed
G4805 Chattanooga (CHA) Clearwater (PIE) 20:46:00 22:16:00 M80 Departed
G4150 Phoenix (AZA) Missoula (MSO) 07:10 09:38 M80 Departed
G41812 Bellingham (BLI) Las Vegas (LAS) 14:36:00 17:04:00 M80 Arrived
G41810 Bellingham (BLI) Las Vegas (LAS) 08:00:00 10:29:00 M80 Arrived
G4430 Las Vegas (LAS) Reno (RNO) 08:40 10:01 M80 Scheduled
G4377 Cincinnati (CVG) Los Angeles (LAX) 14:52:00 16:28:00 319 Scheduled
G41300 Cincinnati (CVG) Orlando (SFB) 06:30:00 08:28:00 M80 Scheduled
G41312 Cincinnati (CVG) Miami (FLL) 16:59:00 19:25:00 M80 Estimated departure 09:00
G4858 Clearwater (PIE) Cincinnati (CVG) 10:19:00 12:30:00 M80 Scheduled
G41313 Miami (FLL) Cincinnati (CVG) 10:16:00 12:51:00 M80 Scheduled
G4859 Cincinnati (CVG) Clearwater (PIE) 10:40:00 12:45:00 M80 Estimated departure 10:56

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