Allegiant Air G4/AAY Flight Status Tracker

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Flight Origin Destination Departure Arrival Equip  
G4149 Chicago (RFD) Phoenix (AZA) 12:24:00 13:42:00 M80 In Flight
G4329 Wichita (ICT) Los Angeles (LAX) 14:38:00 15:37:00 M80 In Flight
G4805 Chattanooga (CHA) Clearwater (PIE) 16:06:00 17:39:00 M80 In Flight
G49300 Las Vegas (LAS) Los Angeles (LAX) 11:00:00 11:52:00 A319 In Flight
G4795 Allentown (ABE) Orlando (SFB) 16:55:00 19:20:00 M80 In Flight
G4807 Springfield (SGF) Clearwater (PIE) 17:08:00 20:20:00 M80 In Flight
G41813 Las Vegas (LAS) Bellingham (BLI) 17:41:00 20:15:00 319 In Flight
G4685 Bismarck (BIS) Orlando (SFB) 17:53:00 22:32:00 320 In Flight
G41313 Miami (FLL) Cincinnati (CVG) 18:29:00 20:59:00 M80 In Flight
G4851 Sioux Falls (FSD) Clearwater (PIE) 18:40:00 22:39:00 M80 In Flight
G41007 Memphis (MEM) Oakland (OAK) 19:27:00 21:50:00 In Flight
G4649 Memphis (MEM) Orlando (SFB) 20:04:00 22:55:00 M80 In Flight
G4129 Fort Wayne (FWA) Phoenix (AZA) 20:11:00 20:51:00 319 In Flight
G4153 Des Moines (DSM) Phoenix (AZA) 20:48:00 21:37:00 319 In Flight
G4109 St Cloud (STC) Phoenix (AZA) 20:56:00 22:04:00 In Flight
G4325 Fargo (FAR) Los Angeles (LAX) 21:03 22:46 M80 In Flight
G41909 Oklahoma City (OKC) Valparaiso (VPS) 21:12:00 23:14:00 320 In Flight
G41331 Myrtle Beach (MYR) Cincinnati (CVG) 21:23:00 22:54:00 M80 In Flight
G4829 Greenville (GSP) Clearwater (PIE) 21:29:00 23:01:00 M80 In Flight
G4417 Mcallen (MFE) Las Vegas (LAS) 21:37 22:36 M80 In Flight
G4833 Knoxville (TYS) Clearwater (PIE) 21:50:00 23:29:00 M80 In Flight
G41309 Las Vegas (LAS) Cincinnati (CVG) 14:42:00 21:28:00 319 Departed
G4133 Provo (PVU) Phoenix (AZA) 09:45:00 10:16:00 M80 Departed
G41403 Jacksonville (JAX) Pittsburgh (PIT) 10:11:00 12:08:00 M80 Departed
G4308 Los Angeles (LAX) Fayetteville (XNA) 15:59:00 21:10:00 M80 Departed

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