Hercilio Luz International Airport Transfers

Updated date: 15/04/2015

Airport shuttle services from Florianopolis Airport to Florianopolis including bus and taxi. You can travel between Florianopolis Airport and Florianopolis by bus in 20 minutes or by taxi in 18 minutes. The distance is about 6 miles (10 km) and requires 10 minutes of straight driving to cover the distance.


Transport Time(approx.hrs) Cost(approx.local) Cost(approx.USD)
Bus 20 minutes- 23 minutes 0 BRL 0 USD
Taxi 18 minutes- 21 minutes 28 BRL 13 USD

Transportation by Bus

Time: 20 minutes - 23 minutes Cost (local): 0 - 0 BRL Cost (USD): 0 USD

Buses runs daily from Florianopolis Airport Bus terminal at 13:00 and arrives in Florianópolis Bus terminal at 13:20 local time.

Transportation by Taxi

Time: 18 minutes - 21 minutes Cost (local): 27 - 30 BRL Cost (USD): 13 USD

It is possible to drive from Florianopolis to Florianópolis. On average, this trip consumes about 2 liters of fuel and takes 18-20 minutes depending on traffic.

Transfer map from Hercilio Luz International Airport to Florianopolis