Davao International Airport Transfers

Updated date: 18/07/2015

The Davao International Airport is a public airport operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. It is located in Barangay Sasa, Buhangin, Davao and it mainly serves the area of Davao City. Airport shuttle services from Davao Airport to Davao including taxi. You can travel between Davao Airport and Davao by taxi in 51 minutes. The distance is about 6 miles (10 km) and requires 10 minutes of straight driving to cover the distance.







51 minutes- 57 minutes

263 PHP


Transportation by Taxi

Time: 51 minutes - 57 minutes Cost (local): 250 - 276 PHP Cost (USD): 6 USD

There were many metered taxis waiting in front of the passenger terminal of the Davao Airport. Taking the taxi is an excellent option to get to the airport since Davao City is known for its honest taxi drivers. The majority of taxis at  Airport take a maximum of 4 people plus luggage, however, there are some taxis which take up to 6 people plus luggage. Taxi fare would amount to 263 PHP.On average, this trip takes 51-56 minutes depending on traffic.

Transfer map from Davao International Airport to Davao