Fiji public holidays in 2014

The Fiji islands were formed about 150 million years ago thanks to the volcanic activity from the South Pacific Ocean. Only 110 of the 320 Fijian islands are inhabited, some of them since the second millennium BC. Thanks to the abundance of its resources, Fiji is one of the most developed countries in the Pacific. The mixture of different ethnic groups, starting with natives, Europeans, Chinese, etc is what made the culture of the islands extraordinary. The weather is great all over the year, the landscapes go beyond any imagination and the natural biodiversity is overwhelming. But what makes Fiji more interesting for tourists are its holidays: Diwali, the Hindu holiday of lights, Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter, Prophet Mahommed’s Birthday important to all the Muslims, Fiji Day and Boxing Day.

There are 12 public holidays in Fiji in 2014.

Name Weekday Start Date End Date
New Year's Day Wednesday 01 January Wednesday, 01 January
Monday 13 January Monday, 13 January
Birth of the Prophet Muhammad
Good Friday Friday 18 April Friday, 18 April
Easter Saturday Saturday 19 April Saturday, 19 April
Easter Monday Monday 21 April Monday, 21 April
Queen's Birthday Monday 09 June Monday, 09 June
Fiji Day Friday 10 October Friday, 10 October
Friday 24 October Friday, 24 October
Festival of Lights
Christmas Day Thursday 25 December Thursday, 25 December
Friday 26 December Friday, 26 December
Boxing Day Sunday 28 December Sunday, 28 December
New Year's Eve Wednesday 31 December Wednesday, 31 December
The Nearest Fiji public holiday in 2014 from now 21 May 2018 is: