Costa Rica public holidays in 2013

Do you know what to expect in Costa Rica? Well, you should expect emerald rainforests that are packed with wildlife, imposing volcanic peaks, rapid rivers, the fresh oranges picked from the trees and the famous, pastel colored hummingbirds. Costa Rica is a country that has a unique nature which puts breathtaking scenery in front of the eyes of every tourist. Numerous people from all the corners of the world fell in love with Costa Rica and you will surely do that too if you choose to visit the country. If you have such a plan, then you should visit Costa Rica during one of its public holidays. It doesn’t matter if the public holiday is a religion related one (as Costa Rica is a highly religious country) or a historic one; what matters is that you will experience some unique celebrations that will show you the culture, the customs and the traditions of this beautiful country. For example, if you choose to visit Costa Rica around the New Year, you will enjoy the special festivities organized on the New Year’s Day, while if you choose to visit the country around Easter, you’ll be witness to the impressive processions and the pilgrimages that Costa Ricans love so much.

There are 6 public holidays in Costa Rica in 2013.

Name Weekday Start Date End Date
New Year's Day Tuesday 01 January Tuesday, 01 January
Labour Day Wednesday 01 May Wednesday, 01 May
Mother Day Thursday 15 August Thursday, 15 August
Día de las madres
Sunday 15 September Sunday, 15 September
Christmas Day Wednesday 25 December Wednesday, 25 December
New Year's Eve Tuesday 31 December Tuesday, 31 December
The Nearest Costa Rica public holiday in 2013 from now 21 April 2018 is: