Cheap flights from Luxembourg to Poland

Luxembourg (LUX) Gdansk (GDN) SAS 119 $ Connection 06-Oct-2018 Detail
Luxembourg (LUX) Krakow (KRK) British Airways 124 $ Connection 11-Oct-2018 Detail
Luxembourg (LUX) Katowice (KTW) LOT 433 $ Connection 24-Jun-2018 Detail
Luxembourg (LUX) Lublin (LUZ) 254 $ Connection 21-Apr-2018 Detail
Luxembourg (LUX) Poznan (POZ) SAS 128 $ Connection 30-May-2018 Detail
Luxembourg (LUX) Rzeszow (RZE) Lufthansa 489 $ Connection 17-May-2018 Detail
Luxembourg (LUX) Szczecin (SZZ) LOT 423 $ Connection 17-Apr-2018 Detail
Luxembourg (LUX) Warsaw (WAW) British Airways 117 $ Connection 14-Jul-2018 Detail
Luxembourg (LUX) Warsaw (WAW) LOT 493 $ Direct 28-Mar-2018 Detail
Luxembourg (LUX) Wroclaw (WRO) SAS 127 $ Connection 13-Apr-2018 Detail
Find cheap flights from Luxembourg Luxembourg to Gdansk, Krakow, Katowice, Lublin, Poznan, Rzeszow, Szczecin, Warsaw, Wroclaw Poland in 4 airlines including British Airways, Lufthansa, LOT, SAS.
Cheapest flight from Luxembourg to Poland is 117 $ on British Airways in 14-Jul-2018. Flight from Luxembourg (LUX) to Warsaw (WAW).

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