Riyal (SAR) to US Dollar (USD) Exchange Rate

Currency Converter of 1 SAR to USD. The present rate of currency exchange for SAR to USD is at 3.7493 Riyal to every US Dollar.

1 SAR = 0.2667 USD

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Currency converter chart Riyal to US Dollar

This converter Riyal to US Dollar chart lets you compare exchange rate history of Riyal and US Dollar.

SAR Cross Rates

Name Rate Percent
USD 3.7509 SAR 0.02%
GBP 4.806073 SAR 0.678%
EUR 4.25234 SAR 1.338%
CAD 2.844985 SAR 0.529%
AUD 2.845298 SAR 0.002%

USD Cross Rates

Name Rate Percent
GBP 1.281312 USD 0.698%
EUR 1.133685 USD 1.358%
CAD 0.758481 USD 0.549%
AUD 0.758564 USD 0.022%