Peso (MXN) to Norwegian Krone (NOK) Exchange Rate

Currency Converter of 1 MXN to NOK. The present rate of currency exchange for MXN to NOK is at 2.1199 Peso to every Norwegian Krone.

1 MXN = 0.4717 NOK

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Newest Peso (MXN) To Norwegian Krone (NOK)


Currency converter chart Peso to Norwegian Krone

This converter Peso to Norwegian Krone chart lets you compare exchange rate history of Peso and Norwegian Krone.

MXN Cross Rates

Name Rate Percent
USD 17.913012 MXN 0.512%
GBP 22.792005 MXN 0.678%
EUR 20.031862 MXN 0.664%
CAD 13.512116 MXN 0.494%
AUD 13.585222 MXN 0.351%

NOK Cross Rates

Name Rate Percent
USD 8.48533 NOK 0.516%
GBP 10.796492 NOK 0.35%
EUR 9.489022 NOK 0.364%
CAD 6.400641 NOK 0.535%
AUD 6.435271 NOK 0.678%