Japanese Yen (JPY) to Lek (ALL) Exchange Rate

Currency Converter of 1 JPY to ALL. The present rate of currency exchange for JPY to ALL is at 0.9195 Japanese Yen to every Lek.

1 JPY = 1.0876 ALL

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Newest Japanese Yen (JPY) To Lek (ALL)


Currency converter chart Japanese Yen to Lek

This converter Japanese Yen to Lek chart lets you compare exchange rate history of Japanese Yen and Lek.

JPY Cross Rates

Name Rate Percent
USD 111.542967 JPY 0.374%
GBP 144.760416 JPY 0.209%
EUR 125.267106 JPY 0.084%
CAD 83.154081 JPY 0.427%
AUD 83.613475 JPY 0.033%

ALL Cross Rates

Name Rate Percent
USD 120.05 ALL 0.229%
GBP 155.80084 ALL 0.064%
EUR 134.820836 ALL 0.228%
CAD 89.495982 ALL 0.572%
AUD 89.990413 ALL 0.112%