Rupiah (IDR) to Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) Exchange Rate

Currency Converter of 1 IDR to MYR. The present rate of currency exchange for IDR to MYR is at 3,091.5303 Rupiah to every Malaysian Ringgit.

1 IDR = 0.0003 MYR

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Newest Rupiah (IDR) To Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)


Currency converter chart Rupiah to Malaysian Ringgit

This converter Rupiah to Malaysian Ringgit chart lets you compare exchange rate history of Rupiah and Malaysian Ringgit.

IDR Cross Rates

Name Rate Percent
USD 13324.457926 IDR 0.104%
GBP 17241.101775 IDR 1.08%
EUR 15161.190695 IDR 0.47%
CAD 10218.910567 IDR 1.205%
AUD 10175.272224 IDR 0.77%

MYR Cross Rates

Name Rate Percent
USD 4.299135 MYR 0.248%
GBP 5.56284 MYR 1.224%
EUR 4.891757 MYR 0.614%
CAD 3.29713 MYR 1.35%
AUD 3.283051 MYR 0.914%