Peso (COP) to US Dollar (USD) Exchange Rate

Currency Converter of 1 COP to USD. The present rate of currency exchange for COP to USD is at 2,914.5849 Peso to every US Dollar.

1 COP = 0.0003 USD

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Currency converter chart Peso to US Dollar

This converter Peso to US Dollar chart lets you compare exchange rate history of Peso and US Dollar.

COP Cross Rates

Name Rate Percent
USD 2911.83 COP 0.229%
GBP 3728.746059 COP 1.203%
EUR 3256.15541 COP 0.472%
CAD 2164.84889 COP 0.027%
AUD 2168.873654 COP 0.311%

USD Cross Rates

Name Rate Percent
GBP 1.280551 USD 0.974%
EUR 1.118251 USD 0.243%
CAD 0.743467 USD 0.256%
AUD 0.744849 USD 0.082%