Cheap Flights to Slovakia

Bangkok, Thailand Bratislava, Slovakia flydubai 309 $ Connection 24-Oct-2017 Detail
Singapore, Singapore Bratislava, Slovakia 935 $ Connection 08-Aug-2017 Detail
Taipei, Taiwan Bratislava, Slovakia 785 $ Connection 06-Feb-2018 Detail
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Bratislava, Slovakia 737 $ Connection 30-Aug-2017 Detail
Nairobi, Kenya Bratislava, Slovakia 321 $ Connection 18-Jul-2017 Detail
Manila, Philippines Bratislava, Slovakia 812 $ Connection 19-Aug-2017 Detail
Istanbul, Turkey Kosice, Slovakia Turkish Airlines 111 $ Direct 12-Dec-2017 Detail
Gassim, Saudi Arabia Bratislava, Slovakia flydubai 325 $ Connection 01-Aug-2017 Detail
Bahrain, Bahrain Bratislava, Slovakia flydubai 350 $ Connection 15-Jul-2017 Detail
Amman, Jordan Bratislava, Slovakia 424 $ Connection 01-Dec-2017 Detail
Jakarta, Indonesia Kosice, Slovakia Turkish Airlines 667 $ Connection 08-Sep-2017 Detail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bratislava, Slovakia 640 $ Connection 07-Nov-2017 Detail
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Bratislava, Slovakia 507 $ Connection 13-Nov-2017 Detail
Hurghada, Egypt Kosice, Slovakia Turkish Airlines 207 $ Connection 24-Sep-2017 Detail
Kuwait, Kuwait Bratislava, Slovakia 313 $ Connection 15-Sep-2017 Detail
Ovda, Israel Bratislava, Slovakia Ryanair 33 $ Direct 14-Dec-2017 Detail
Muscat, Oman Bratislava, Slovakia flydubai 394 $ Connection 01-Jul-2017 Detail
Reykjavik, Iceland Bratislava, Slovakia Czech Airlines 211 $ Connection 07-Jul-2017 Detail
Sao Paulo, Brazil Kosice, Slovakia Turkish Airlines 680 $ Connection 14-Aug-2017 Detail
Toronto, Canada Kosice, Slovakia Turkish Airlines 869 $ Connection 02-Jul-2017 Detail
Tehran, Iran Bratislava, Slovakia 437 $ Connection 26-Aug-2017 Detail
Larnaca, Cyprus Bratislava, Slovakia Smart Wings 161 $ Direct 02-Jul-2017 Detail
Dubai, United Arab Emirates Bratislava, Slovakia flydubai 224 $ Direct 01-Sep-2017 Detail
Beirut, Lebanon Bratislava, Slovakia Czech Airlines 230 $ Connection 30-Aug-2017 Detail
Erbil, Iraq Bratislava, Slovakia flydubai 564 $ Connection 04-Aug-2017 Detail
New York, United States Kosice, Slovakia Air Berlin 737 $ Connection 17-Aug-2017 Detail
Mauritius, Mauritius Bratislava, Slovakia 887 $ Connection 17-Oct-2017 Detail
Podgorica, Montenegro Kosice, Slovakia Smart Wings 210 $ Connection 12-Jul-2017 Detail
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia Bratislava, Slovakia Wizz Air 12 $ Direct 04-Sep-2017 Detail
Havana, Cuba Kosice, Slovakia Air Berlin 1076 $ Connection 20-Oct-2017 Detail
Shanghai, China Bratislava, Slovakia 340 $ Connection 27-Sep-2017 Detail
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Bratislava, Slovakia 498 $ Connection 04-Aug-2017 Detail
Dushanbe, Tajikistan Bratislava, Slovakia 634 $ Connection 02-Aug-2017 Detail
New Delhi, India Bratislava, Slovakia 344 $ Connection 08-Jul-2017 Detail
Gan Island, Maldives Bratislava, Slovakia 631 $ Connection 04-Nov-2017 Detail
Seoul, South Korea Bratislava, Slovakia 584 $ Connection 22-Dec-2017 Detail
Tashkent, Uzbekistan Bratislava, Slovakia 8524 $ Connection 07-Aug-2017 Detail
Almaty, Kazakhstan Bratislava, Slovakia flydubai 431 $ Connection 22-Sep-2017 Detail
Baku, Azerbaijan Bratislava, Slovakia flydubai 475 $ Connection 01-Aug-2017 Detail
Kathmandu, Nepal Bratislava, Slovakia flydubai 424 $ Connection 19-Aug-2017 Detail
Tbilisi, Georgia Bratislava, Slovakia 353 $ Connection 25-Aug-2017 Detail
Yerevan, Armenia Bratislava, Slovakia 353 $ Connection 04-Oct-2017 Detail
Karachi, Pakistan Bratislava, Slovakia flydubai 366 $ Connection 15-Aug-2017 Detail
Colombo, Sri Lanka Bratislava, Slovakia flydubai 378 $ Connection 04-Jul-2017 Detail
Moscow, Russia Bratislava, Slovakia Pobeda 56 $ Direct 20-Oct-2017 Detail
Kabul, Afghanistan Bratislava, Slovakia flydubai 366 $ Connection 09-Dec-2017 Detail
Warsaw, Poland Bratislava, Slovakia Wizz Air 20 $ Direct 06-Sep-2017 Detail
Helsinki, Finland Bratislava, Slovakia Czech Airlines 124 $ Connection 01-Sep-2017 Detail
Vienna, Austria Kosice, Slovakia LOT 172 $ Connection 28-Oct-2017 Detail
Vienna, Austria Kosice, Slovakia Austrian Airlines 197 $ Direct 14-Aug-2017 Detail
Girona, Spain Bratislava, Slovakia Ryanair 26 $ Direct 13-Nov-2017 Detail
Luxembourg, Luxembourg Kosice, Slovakia Austrian Airlines 632 $ Connection 06-Jul-2017 Detail
Lisbon, Portugal Bratislava, Slovakia Czech Airlines 139 $ Connection 04-Oct-2017 Detail
Tallinn, Estonia Kosice, Slovakia 217 $ Connection 28-Aug-2017 Detail
Cluj-Napoca, Romania Bratislava, Slovakia Wizz Air 5 $ Direct 11-Mar-2018 Detail
Stockholm, Sweden Bratislava, Slovakia Czech Airlines 94 $ Connection 10-Nov-2017 Detail
Copenhagen, Denmark Bratislava, Slovakia Czech Airlines 89 $ Connection 25-Sep-2017 Detail
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Bratislava, Slovakia 2114 $ Connection 04-Sep-2017 Detail
Tirana, Albania Bratislava, Slovakia Smart Wings 224 $ Connection 11-Sep-2017 Detail
Khartoum, Sudan Bratislava, Slovakia 1873 $ Connection 17-Jul-2017 Detail
Mahe Island, Seychelles Bratislava, Slovakia 538 $ Connection 12-Dec-2017 Detail
Marrakech Menara, Morocco Bratislava, Slovakia 2123 $ Connection 17-Feb-2018 Detail
Nis, Serbia Bratislava, Slovakia Ryanair 12 $ Direct 27-Oct-2017 Detail
Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina Bratislava, Slovakia Wizz Air 12 $ Direct 08-Sep-2017 Detail
Milan, Italy Bratislava, Slovakia Ryanair 23 $ Direct 25-Sep-2017 Detail
Pristina, Kosovo Kosice, Slovakia Lufthansa 410 $ Connection 07-Oct-2017 Detail
Budapest, Hungary Bratislava, Slovakia Czech Airlines 114 $ Connection 03-Nov-2017 Detail
Chisinau, Moldova Kosice, Slovakia Austrian Airlines 452 $ Connection 09-Jul-2017 Detail
Zagreb, Croatia Bratislava, Slovakia Czech Airlines 108 $ Connection 14-Aug-2017 Detail
Luqa, Malta Bratislava, Slovakia Czech Airlines 110 $ Connection 20-Oct-2017 Detail
Thessaloniki, Greece Bratislava, Slovakia Ryanair 28 $ Direct 30-Oct-2017 Detail
Dublin, Ireland Bratislava, Slovakia Ryanair 30 $ Direct 29-Nov-2017 Detail
Amsterdam, Netherlands Bratislava, Slovakia Czech Airlines 99 $ Connection 27-Sep-2017 Detail
Oslo, Norway Bratislava, Slovakia 238 $ Connection 02-Oct-2017 Detail
Riga, Latvia Poprad, Slovakia airBaltic 104 $ Direct 06-Jan-2018 Detail
Brussels, Belgium Bratislava, Slovakia Ryanair 23 $ Direct 20-Sep-2017 Detail
Sofia, Bulgaria Bratislava, Slovakia Wizz Air 4 $ Direct 22-Nov-2017 Detail
Zurich, Switzerland Kosice, Slovakia LOT 186 $ Connection 05-Oct-2017 Detail
Kiev, Ukraine Bratislava, Slovakia Wizz Air 35 $ Direct 01-Oct-2017 Detail
Paris, France Bratislava, Slovakia Ryanair 25 $ Direct 21-Oct-2017 Detail
London, United Kingdom Poprad, Slovakia Wizz Air 17 $ Direct 16-Dec-2017 Detail
Minsk, Belarus Bratislava, Slovakia Czech Airlines 229 $ Connection 19-Jul-2017 Detail
Ljubljana, Slovenia Kosice, Slovakia LOT 263 $ Connection 12-Jul-2017 Detail
Prague, Czech Republic Bratislava, Slovakia Czech Airlines 62 $ Direct 19-Mar-2018 Detail
Cologne, Germany Kosice, Slovakia Wizz Air 12 $ Direct 15-Dec-2017 Detail
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Bratislava, Slovakia 493 $ Connection 18-Sep-2017 Detail
Buenos Aires, Argentina Kosice, Slovakia Turkish Airlines 1261 $ Connection 02-Jul-2017 Detail
Caracas, Venezuela Bratislava, Slovakia 4815 $ Connection 25-Dec-2017 Detail
Panama City, Panama Bratislava, Slovakia 3606 $ Connection 27-Dec-2017 Detail
Ndola, Zambia Bratislava, Slovakia 1257 $ Connection 01-Aug-2017 Detail
Lima, Peru Bratislava, Slovakia 5543 $ Connection 13-Jul-2017 Detail
Auckland, New Zealand Bratislava, Slovakia 1150 $ Connection 01-Dec-2017 Detail
Guayaquil, Ecuador Bratislava, Slovakia 5951 $ Connection 20-Jul-2017 Detail
Santiago, Chile Bratislava, Slovakia 6509 $ Connection 01-Dec-2017 Detail
Punta Del Este, Uruguay Bratislava, Slovakia 6150 $ Connection 16-Aug-2017 Detail
Blantyre, Malawi Bratislava, Slovakia 2373 $ Connection 11-Sep-2017 Detail
Guatemala City, Guatemala Bratislava, Slovakia 4370 $ Connection 02-Oct-2017 Detail
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Bratislava, Slovakia 2681 $ Connection 28-Aug-2017 Detail
Windhoek, Namibia Bratislava, Slovakia 6635 $ Connection 14-Aug-2017 Detail
San Jose, Costa Rica Kosice, Slovakia 1210 $ Connection 01-Nov-2017 Detail
Kosice, Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia Czech Airlines 57 $ Direct 09-Oct-2017 Detail
Mexico City, Mexico Bratislava, Slovakia 2153 $ Connection 11-Jul-2017 Detail
Phnom Penh, Cambodia Bratislava, Slovakia 838 $ Connection 22-Jul-2017 Detail
Luang Prabang, Laos Bratislava, Slovakia 12053 $ Connection 17-Jul-2017 Detail
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Bratislava, Slovakia 863 $ Connection 12-Aug-2017 Detail
Sydney, Australia Kosice, Slovakia Turkish Airlines 801 $ Connection 25-Sep-2017 Detail

There are total 12 airlines have flights to Slovakia including Air Berlin, airBaltic, Ryanair, flydubai, Pobeda, Lufthansa, LOT, Czech Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Smart Wings, Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air.

You can get flights from 137 countries to Slovakia including United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bangladesh.... Check below to get your flights

Flight stats for Slovakia - did you know?

Every days, at least 2 domestic flights and 239 international flights departure and arrival in Slovakia Airports.
There are 12 airports in Slovakia and the 5 biggest are

  • Bratislava Airport (Bratislava, Slovakia).
    • Right now, airlines operate out of Bratislava Airport.
    • Bratislava Airport offers nonstop flights to cities.
    • Every week, at least 350 domestic and international flights depart from Bratislava Airport.
  • Kosice Airport (Kosice, Slovakia).
    • Right now, airlines operate out of Kosice Airport.
    • Kosice Airport offers nonstop flights to cities.
    • Every week, at least 98 domestic and international flights depart from Kosice Airport.
  • Poprad-Tatry Airport (Poprad-Tatry, Slovakia).
    • Right now, airlines operate out of Poprad-Tatry Airport.
    • Poprad-Tatry Airport offers nonstop flights to cities.
    • Every week, at least 0 domestic and international flights depart from Poprad-Tatry Airport.
  • Zilina D. Hricov Airport (Zilina D. Hricov, Slovakia).
    • Right now, airlines operate out of Zilina D. Hricov Airport.
    • Zilina D. Hricov Airport offers nonstop flights to cities.
    • Every week, at least 0 domestic and international flights depart from Zilina D. Hricov Airport.
  • Piestany Airport (Piestany, Slovakia).
    • Right now, airlines operate out of Piestany Airport.
    • Piestany Airport offers nonstop flights to cities.
    • Every week, at least 0 domestic and international flights depart from Piestany Airport.

Slovakia Current Time and travel information

The current time and date right now in Slovakia is


Wednesday 28th of June 2017

Standard Time +1.0 UTC

Capital: Bratislava
Area: Europe
Timezone: Europe/Bratislava
Phone extendtion: +421
Area in km: 48,845.0 km
Population: 5,455,000 people
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Embassy Slovakia

Where is Slovakia

Slovakia is a country with a small population which is located in the continent of Europe.

Countries near Slovakia include Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, and Austria.

Its biggest cities and towns include Bratislava, and Kosice.

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