Cheap Flights to Vientiane

Origin Destination Carrier Price Flight Type Date  
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Vientiane, Laos 583 $ Connection 30-Oct-2017 Detail
Bangkok, Thailand Vientiane, Laos AirAsia 39 $ Direct 28-Sep-2017 Detail
Singapore, Singapore Vientiane, Laos AirAsia 93 $ Connection 09-Oct-2017 Detail
Taipei, Taiwan Vientiane, Laos AirAsia 157 $ Connection 18-Sep-2017 Detail
Hanoi, Vietnam Vientiane, Laos AirAsia 89 $ Connection 13-Feb-2018 Detail
Manila, Philippines Vientiane, Laos AirAsia 102 $ Connection 16-Aug-2017 Detail
Jakarta, Indonesia Vientiane, Laos AirAsia 86 $ Connection 01-Aug-2017 Detail
Macau, Macau Vientiane, Laos 229 $ Connection 19-Sep-2017 Detail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Vientiane, Laos AirAsia 43 $ Direct 03-Feb-2018 Detail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Vientiane, Laos Vietnam Airlines 143 $ Connection 25-Sep-2017 Detail
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Vientiane, Laos AirAsia 130 $ Connection 26-Jan-2018 Detail
Siem Reap, Cambodia Vientiane, Laos Bangkok Airways 144 $ Connection 18-Jul-2017 Detail
Yangon, Myanmar Vientiane, Laos AirAsia 90 $ Connection 12-Feb-2018 Detail
Luang Prabang, Laos Vientiane, Laos Lao Skyway 63 $ Direct 22-Jul-2017 Detail
Auckland, New Zealand Vientiane, Laos AirAsia 317 $ Connection 29-Sep-2017 Detail
Montreal, Canada Vientiane, Laos 547 $ Connection 04-Jan-2018 Detail
New York, United States Vientiane, Laos China Eastern 410 $ Connection 23-Sep-2017 Detail
Perth, Australia Vientiane, Laos AirAsia 176 $ Connection 18-Sep-2017 Detail
Kunming, China Vientiane, Laos Lao Airlines 90 $ Direct 16-Jul-2017 Detail
Chongqing, China Vientiane, Laos China Eastern 120 $ Connection 29-Nov-2017 Detail
Chennai, India Vientiane, Laos Thai Airways 285 $ Connection 18-Feb-2018 Detail
Seoul, South Korea Vientiane, Laos T'way Air 154 $ Connection 26-Sep-2017 Detail
Seoul, South Korea Vientiane, Laos T'way Air 104 $ Direct 17-Sep-2017 Detail
Dhaka, Bangladesh Vientiane, Laos Thai Airways 268 $ Connection 30-Jan-2018 Detail
Tokyo, Japan Vientiane, Laos China Eastern 212 $ Connection 07-Aug-2017 Detail
Kathmandu, Nepal Vientiane, Laos China Eastern 314 $ Connection 25-Jul-2017 Detail
Moscow, Russia Vientiane, Laos Etihad Airways 411 $ Connection 11-Oct-2017 Detail
Vienna, Austria Vientiane, Laos Korean Air 858 $ Connection 09-Aug-2017 Detail
Copenhagen, Denmark Vientiane, Laos 569 $ Connection 28-Aug-2017 Detail
Milan, Italy Vientiane, Laos Etihad Airways 470 $ Connection 04-Dec-2017 Detail
Amsterdam, Netherlands Vientiane, Laos Korean Air 520 $ Connection 12-Oct-2017 Detail
Brussels, Belgium Vientiane, Laos 534 $ Connection 02-Sep-2017 Detail
Geneva, Switzerland Vientiane, Laos 478 $ Connection 11-Sep-2017 Detail
Paris, France Vientiane, Laos Etihad Airways 348 $ Connection 05-Oct-2017 Detail
London, United Kingdom Vientiane, Laos Vietnam Airlines 457 $ Connection 02-Sep-2017 Detail
Frankfurt, Germany Vientiane, Laos Etihad Airways 405 $ Connection 12-Oct-2017 Detail
Cape Town, South Africa Vientiane, Laos 548 $ Connection 06-Aug-2017 Detail
Bogota, Colombia Vientiane, Laos 1149 $ Connection 08-Feb-2018 Detail
Kuwait, Kuwait Vientiane, Laos Etihad Airways 586 $ Connection 19-Sep-2017 Detail
Beirut, Lebanon Vientiane, Laos Etihad Airways 636 $ Connection 17-Sep-2017 Detail
Athens, Greece Vientiane, Laos Etihad Airways 518 $ Connection 26-Sep-2017 Detail
Lisbon, Portugal Vientiane, Laos 817 $ Connection 03-Aug-2017 Detail
Luxembourg, Luxembourg Vientiane, Laos 454 $ Connection 09-Dec-2017 Detail
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Vientiane, Laos 614 $ Connection 26-Jul-2017 Detail
Warsaw, Poland Vientiane, Laos 590 $ Connection 26-Jul-2017 Detail
Saint-Denis, Reunion Vientiane, Laos 1908 $ Connection 26-Aug-2017 Detail

Find 46 cheap flights to Vientiane from 44 destinations including Auckland, Amsterdam, Athens, Beirut, Bogota, Brussels, Paris, Jakarta, Chongqing, Copenhagen ... check below to get more detail.

There are total 12 airlines flight to Vientiane including Etihad Airways, T'way Air, Air France, AirAsia, Lao Skyway, Korean Air, China Eastern, Bangkok Airways, Qatar Airways, Lao Airlines, Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines.

Flight stats for Vientiane Laos - did you know?

Every days, at least 84 domestic flights and 162 international flights departure and arrival in Vientiane Laos.
There are 1 airports in Vientiane biggest are

  • Vientiane Airport (Vientiane, Laos).
    • Right now, airlines operate out of Vientiane Airport.
    • Vientiane Airport offers nonstop flights to cities.
    • Every week, at least 238 domestic and international flights depart from Vientiane Airport.

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