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The company was founded on 17 June 1927 as Aeroput. Its first international flight was in 1929 between Belgrade and Graz. In 1947, its name was changed to JAT - Jugoslovenski aerotransport (Yugoslavian Air-transport), then to JAT Yugoslav Airlines. In 1946, it was apparent that, due to the nature of its tasks, the Yugoslav Air Force would not be able to become involved in the nation"s post-war build-up of civil aviation. Consequently, preparations were made for the formation of an air transport company. In 1949, Yugoslavia was faced with a dire international position: isolated both by the West and the East. JAT was forced to survive on 6 domestic lines. However, in 1954, multiple international and domestic routes were opened soon after. The airline entered jet air in the year 1963. In 1990s, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia broke up and the Yugoslav wars started. As the national carrier of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and disintegrated by the wars of Yugoslav secession, JAT was forced to stop all domestic services. For the first time since World War II, international transport was forcibly terminated. During that time, JAT operated only domestic services between Belgrade, Podgorica, Tivat, Niš, Priština and - for a very short time - Užice-Ponikve Airport. In 1994, JAT resumed some of its international services.

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International sanctions were lifted in 2000, and JAT resumed regular flight services. To celebrate the move that coincided with the country restructuring from FR Yugoslavia to Serbia and Montenegro, JAT Yugoslav Airlines changed its name to Jat Airways on 8 August 2003.

There have been several privatisation attempts of Jat Airways, although none have been successful and the airline remains in government hands.

About the airline

Jat Airways is the flag carrier and largest airline of Serbia, and formerly Yugoslavia. Originally founded in 1927 as Aeroput, the airline ceased operations during World War II and was renamed in 1947, making it one of the oldest airlines still in operation. Its flight operations are based at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

Main route

The airline operates scheduled international services to 27 destinations in 20 countries, as well as charters and wet leases. International destinations include: UAE, Jordan, Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Irag, Thailand, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Spain, Switzerland, France, China, Lebanon, Germany, UK, Macedonia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Romania, Hungary, Egypt, US, Denmark, Syria, Croatia, Sweden, Pakistan, Ukraine, Malaysia, Austria, India, Kuwait, Cyprus, Malta, Australia, Italy, Canada, Tusinia, Russia, Norway, Albania, Lybia and Poland.


The Jat Airways fleet consists of 4 ATR 72-202 and 10 Boeing 737-300.

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