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The Eurocypria Airlines is an airline service that is completely owned by the Government of Cyprus and operates out of the Artemis Building in Larnaca, a city also in Cyprus. The different factor about this airline is that it does not operate any commercial flights but is well known in the industry because it has made more than a name for itself in the Chartered flight business. This is because the airline has made it its mission to make sure that the people who are travelling to and from Cyprus can cruise in the best possible aircraft and achieve the true nature of luxury.

The airline came into being in March 1992 and was given the honor of being the first airline, based in Cyprus, to be offering Charter Services. However in 2001 the company also opened its doors for scheduled flights but these normally were to and from Cyprus, this also allowed the company to pursue their one corporate goal of achieving excellence in Charter Services.


Things were looking good for the company when they basically changed their entire Airbus fleet in the early part of the past decade and replaced it with the latest Boeing 737 series. However it hit financial troubles in the same period and had to dispose of its charter airlines section as it was the only thing that was making a profit in the company and hence would have commanded some fee for it.

However the money that the company received from that sale was not enough to alleviate the problems faced by the company and in the end of November 2010, the board of directors of Eurocypria Airlines called it a day and closed all operations.

The Eurocypria Airlines is best known for the fact that it was contracted by the Egyptian Airlines AMC Airlines to carry out routes from Egypt to Europe and vice versa.

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