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Airline is a company that provides and facilitates the transport of passengers, commuters and freight. Airlines provide full service by having hundreds of aircraft. Airlines may have single aircraft carrying mail and cargo. Eurasia airline was a repercussion of ten year agreement signed in February 1930 by Lufthansa and Chinese Transport Ministry. It was decided that this airline would be operated by Lufthansa.

Establishing its services proved to be a mammoth challenge as there were no radio stations, no shops for repairmen, no airports of landing and taking off. There were just simple strips of land in place of airports for landing and taking off of aircrafts. With the rite of passage many improvements were done in this field. Repair shops were built for these aircrafts. Airports were constructed. Foremost important navigation system was improved to great extent. The name “Eurasia” itself suggests its meaning. It flies from Europe to Asia and vice versa.


Eurasia is Coopanonva’s first international airline. Its headquarters is traced at 1 Eurasian way which is adjacent to freshly constructed international “Ajadi Airport”. It offers great delicacy and cuisine for its passengers. Moreover 120 Mbps Wi-Fi is also available in First-Class so that one always linger connected socially.

Eurasian airline also do great vacations and holidays packages for families and friends. It has some policies. All tickets are non-refundable. All flights are emigrated at the scheduled time so it becomes obligatory for the commuters to be at the departure gate at least one hour before the departure of the flight. If one fails to do so then one’s tickets are not refunded. Routes of Eurasian airlines are mainly chartered, including Mediterranean airports and Turkish airports, including Thessaloniki and Greece. They also provide its backpackers with good domestic services.

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