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An airline that based in Liverpool, in United Kingdom was Emerald Airways. It activated contract and ad hoc cargo services all the way through the United Kingdom and Europe for newspaper, postal and cargo companies and traveler services to Ireland in the brand FlyJem.

This airline was recognized and ongoing operations in the year 1987. It was created by Andy Janes and his better half Hilary since Janes Aviation at Southern airport. The corporation was renamed as Emerald in the year 1992, in credit of the large quantity of business transversely the Irish Sea and launched its foundation in Liverpool. In the month of October 2002, Emerald carried out Exeter based modernizes Aviation. The airline was completely possessed by AS Janes and his wife HJ Janes.

In the month of June 2005, EuroManx effectively bought the traveler analysis of Emerald Airways, which was working low rate services as of Liverpool John Lennon Airport on the way to the Isle of Man, by means of BAe ATPs. Pursuing the conquest these services were at that time operated in the EuroManx name along with booking system, but over and over again the cabin crew working and the airplanes utilized were those of the Emerald Airways.

Following the deferment of Emerald's AOC along with the company consequently calling in administrations, one of the ATP's was confiscated through the Government of Isle of Man at Ronald sway Airport.

On the date 4 May 2006 at the time 20:00 the Air Operators Certificate of airline was perched by the CAA for causes that were not mentioned, the transporter were no longer keep on to manage services. On the other hand, the CAA specific that is supposed to its necessities be experienced the AOC of airline would be re-established.

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