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EI AI is a company of airlines that is famous all over the world. EI AI had agreement with many Israel customs as it is a famous company of Israel. Since September 1948, EI AI and its services protect Israel’s boarders under a service contract. It involves the turnkey operation that includes highly modified patrol aircraft that it works 15,000 hours per year and makes an average of 2,500 missions. EI AI CEO commented that they feel a lot of proud of their aviation service that is provided in Israel. He also said that they had many positive relations with the customs of Israel and the border service.

EI AI provides the aviation services for Qantas and also they have fly to fly services for many industrial clients. EI AI service works on the performance based contract that specializes in providing aviation solution to defense of commercial customers as well as government. EI AI had aviation services of Qantas and provides many other services for industrial clients that are across. It also provides training to the UK forces of army and NATO. EI AI is recognized as a famous and trusted partner in the whole world from its qualities and facilities. It provides its customers with many facilities giving them a high quality tour with peace and safety. It gives high security to its customers and specializes in fulfilling the demands of the customers and providing the customers with commercial environments. It is a famous and advance technology that provides high rank services and responds to the every need of the customers. On the five continents it employs people that are more than 10,000. EI AI Company has many customers and its partners worldwide in more than 100 countries.

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