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Direktflyg, officially Svenska Direktflyg AB is a regional airline based in Borlänge, Sweden. It operates services to thirteen destinations in Sweden and Norway. Its main base is Borlänge Airport.

*(Source: Wikipedia.org)

The airline was formed in 2000, to bring together Skyway Holding's regional carriers, Air Express, Highland Air and Airborne, into one consolidated operation, and started operations in October 2000. Airborne began in 1984 when it was known as Sundsvall Aero.

Highland Air began in September 1995 and was acquired by Skyways in March 1997. Air Express was founded in 1986 and was purchased by Skyways from major shareholder Thomas Sjö in 1999. In April 2002 the airline rebranded as Direktflyg following the sale of the Company to the Largus-Group.

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