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With its focus cities as Helsinki and Copenhagen, the Blue1 airline is owned by a corporation known as SAS group. The amazing airlines carry travelers from one place to another over twenty destinations throughout the continent of Europe. The amazing services that is offered by the airlines on board to its customers has enabled the management of the airlines to take pride over the fact that Blue1 is one of the most preferred airlines that exist in Europe. Trustworthy, economical, comfortable and value for money, such are the words that strike one’s mind when it comes to travel with the Blue1 airlines. Not only from the perspective of safety, but also from various factors such as comfort, class and pleasure, the airlines has assured its  customer that if they choose Blue1 they are certainly choosing the best at a very low cost. With twelve air craft averaging 5.6 years, Blue1 airlines has started operating right from year 1987 and since then there has been no decline in the quality that it has offered its customers over these three decades. With adopting latest technology in all the departments right from the aircraft safety to food and seating, the Blue1 has been a leading group to meet the satisfaction of its customers. Initially, Blue1 airline was known as Air Botnia, it was later in January 2004 that it was renamed as Blue1. In 2005, Blue1 airline became the second largest Finnish airlines between Finland and Scandinavia with more than 100 flights a day and by 2008, the airline grew enough to move its operation base from Stansted to Heathrow airport and expanded domestically. From a smaller unit to a large corporate group the only thing that they kept constant was better service than other airlines that were in the rivalry.

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