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Established in 1998, Bismillah Airlines are based out of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Mollah Group of Industries (MGI) is an export house that is the owner of this airline. Bismillah airlines own the exclusive authority of being the very first private sector international airlines with an AOC/ATO license in Bangladesh. The airline operates freighter services regularly as a cargo carrier of international stature of Bangladesh.

Bismillah airlines hold the prestigious title as being the first international airlines in the private sector. This airline falls under the umbrella of Mollah Group of Industries (MGI) that is a very reputed company having strong business background and remarkable acumen in whole sale trade, international consultancy arena, global ship survey in the international classification society, transport of water, deep sea trawling, shipping, shipbuilding, banking etc. Starting in 1974, Mollah Group of Industries also undertake international trading business such as barter trade, counter trade, third country switching, industrial estate/park, import and export, entertainment park, STA as well as manufacturing industries for bamboo and wood products, stationary, Frozen food like fish and vegetables, Tele-communication channels, contact center. They also deal in software, engineering and electronics for local demand. MGI even run Business Process Outsourcing units.

Since its establishment, Bismillah Airlines have over the period of fifteen odd years developed strong bonding with people from freight forwarders, engineering to even many maintenance organizations as well as formed alliance with aviation schools and flight operations too. Today they possess sound relationships with airline community all over the globe. It is one of the very important reasons thanks to which they have managed to flourish in the aviation industry with a positively growing graph.



At the dawn of the decade, in the year 2002, Bismillah airlines successfully did export of about 14,000 tons that included general and even perishable equipment. Simultaneously they also undertook imports of 6000 tons including electronics. Their overall growth was stupendous and this can be proved by the fact that by the end of year 2003, their export value had reached 32,000 tons mark and even the import had risen to 8,000 tons.

Even in the Domestic quarters, their cargo segment has carried on an average is around 4000 tons each year. This, Bismillah Airlines is one of the best ways to send your stuff to your loved ones or maybe business people. When you actually want to trust, then bismillah is the name that you can blindly trust. Their great team and professionals help you in sending and delivering parcels anytime anywhere with no stress

The air routes between which Bismillah Airlines operate on a regular and charted basis include Bangkok, Maskot, Chongquing, Istanbul, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Dubai, Canton, Kolkata, Seoul and Bombay

Bismillah airlines are industry experts in Schedule, non-schedule and chartered international flights specifically for cargo mail for troops.

Their airport ground handling takes place at Dhaka (DAC), Chittagong (CGP) and even at Shylet (ZYL) as a ground handling Service Company that is authorized and premiere in its performance.

Bismillah airlines possess the privilege of landing, overflying including the rights to technically land with due permission for any aircraft inclusive of VIP/ Ambulance aircraft and line maintenance etc.

Recently Government has allowed and given the permission to Bismillah airlines for international passenger services by B737. They are now making all necessary arrangements including staffing and equipment etc. for commencing at the earliest of passenger flights that would expand the base for Bismillah Airlines to new fronts across the globe making them of the exceptional few in the world to have such facilities and capabilities.

And that is not the end of it, Bismillah Airlines are also possess MRO- CAAB approved maintenance organization that performs most of its up to c-checks and even major jobs of sheet metal including overhaul jobs.

Bismillah Airlines also hold expertise in the craft of Aircraft Parts Salvage. They  have years of experience in removing avionics and electrical components, piece parts, cabling as well as other equipment from any possible aircraft type. Their in-flight entertainment wing has earned remarkable accolades in the past too. Bismillah airlines also fill out all removal tags and even maintain database of removed parts by cataloguing them for an efficient record retrieval system.

In addition to these facilities, Bismillah Airlines also offer third party line checks also called as transit checks, support of AOG, diversion support and logistic support including handling of AOG parts and custom clearances as part of its facilities performed for spares of import and export and professional inspection.

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