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Bimini island air or shortly BMY is one of the few on-demand airlines company flying to various exotic destinations in and around Florida and Bahamas for the last two decades. Famous for their cheap travel and warm hospitality, BMV offers the best service in the region. Whether it's a short-haul service or a long-haul service, BMY offers affordable packages and infinite hospitality. Flying thrice a day every week, BMY is always dedicated to the tour flight industry. Operating from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, BMY flies the compact chartered 30 passenger Saab 340B twin-engine turbo props, specially designed for these destinations.

Whether it's the mystic Bimini islands, or the brilliant beaches of Miami, BMY remains the most preferred travel flight company in the Florida/Bahama region.  The traveler friendly ambiance of BMY attracts hundreds and hundreds of people every week from all around the world spend quality time traveling. BMY offers various classes of travel for the myriads of customer preferences ranging from economic class to business class with lots of add-on facilities. From Spas to Bars, mini-theaters to gaming rooms, BMY’s planes are equipped with the latest and modern facilities to enrich the customers' experience throughout their adventurous journey.

BMY also provides entertainment and internet surfing facility to keep their customers connected with their family and friends throughout the trip. BMV flights have unique luxury and business class features like improved seats and cabin space that no other flight services can offer. The services also include customer preferred exotic cuisine menu, Generous baggage rules, hand-picked cuisine menu, wine tavern, better safety standards, and loads of fun. So what are you waiting for? Do you need another reason to travel? Pack your baggage and get ready for a quick tour through Bahamas or Florida, BMY is always at your service.

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